Best Final Fantasy Games for PlayStation

Best Final Fantasy Games for PlayStation

Final Fantasy games have graced our TV (and portable device) screens since 1997. Almost every journey in the series has been one of turmoil and self-discovery as our hero makes their way through continents, fiends, and boss battles to save the region. Ironically, every game ever made since the first title has carried the name Final in its title but fans have always known that another title will soon follow after.

And for good reason too! Each game has gripped players differently and has always left the fanbase wanting more. Now, with next-gen consoles like the PS5 ready to satiate gamers’ taste buds, the Final Fantasy games are ready to be ported as well as released to the console. Much work has already been done with a lot more slated to follow up in the coming months.

If you’re just like us and want to gobble up past releases as you wait for future ones, then come on along as we list down the best titles to play or re-play!

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Squall Lionheart takes up a special place in our hearts mainly because of his character and his gun blade. The character gives off the classic cool boy vibes, by saying few words and assessing the situation with a handful collection of nods and sighs. FF8 is also the first Final Fantasy game that introduced an in-game card game called Triple Triad. This mini-game alone became so popular with fans that Square decided to use it time and time again in its future titles.

Final Fantasy 15

If you’re ever looking for a ‘bro’ game, this is it. FF15 introduces players to a merry band of boys who are, for the most part, out on a road trip to save Noctis’ bride-to-be and exact justice on Niflheim. While some people playing this one can’t get enough of the corny jokes, boys being boys and the excruciatingly long road trip, there are a fair bit of others who wish the game would’ve had snappier elements to it and wasn’t so laid back. We’ll let you decide on this one.

Final Fantasy 14

Solo players may chafe at this one included in the list but wait, hear us out. Final Fantasy’s biggest problem, or appeal, is that it’s an online MMO. FF14 is like an amalgamation of multiple Final Fantasy games, all of which are meshed together to present a behemoth that does justice to their collective world.

Of course, don’t even think about playing this one if your internet connection isn’t made to handle the connectivity demands. Since you’ll be pairing up with lots of people to take on hordes of monsters and boss battles, even a smidge of lag could potentially end up wiping your party. For this reason, we recommend hooking up with Spectrum, all of which have comfortable speeds to keep your online adventure afloat. To learn more about their prices and plans, feel free to contact Spectrum Customer Service.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Can’t have an FF listicle without the OG Final Fantasy, now can we? Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a brilliant remaster of the original game that got us all to love the series. Take hold of Cloud Strife as you scour the streets of Midgar to fight back against the politics of SHINRA. Fans who have played the original would find the remake to be strangely different because the timelines of all the FF7 games and their spinoffs combine and pass through each other to form a contrasting storyline.

With that being said, fan favorites such as Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Barrett, Aerith, Tifa, and doggy with a flame on its tail, Red XIII are all in this powerhouse ready to suck your wallet dry. Also, there are plenty of easter eggs from past games and a dance number performed by Cloud in beautiful stockings. Watch your jaw drop on this one.

Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2

FFX is one of the highest-selling FF games and for good reason too. The game was the first of its kind to depart from the ‘chibi’ characters that people had gotten used to playing and instead introduced a lineup of heroes that actually looked like normal people. Yuna and Tidus are at the forefront of this game as they take on Sin and its quest to destroy the world.

FFX2 took on a lighter tone by making Yuna its leading protagonist in every way. The game encompasses her journey as a pop star turned vigilante who bands up with her girlfriends to take on a new, deadlier threat. Apart from this, the battle system has been given a revamp and so have the graphics.


That’s a wrap on all we have for you as far as the best Final Fantasy games go. Remember to keep on checking for when Square Enix decides to come up with a remaster of past titles or when they announce further details on the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two.