Top 5 Fashion consultant companies in Bangalore

Fashion consultant companies in Bangalore

One agency that is gaining widespread popularity in the field of Fashion Consulting is Bangalore’s very own Vitamin B Designs. A group of vibrant, innovative trendsetters, they come with over a decade of experience in the field of Fashion. Whether you are an individual designer, a chain of retail stores, a boutique business, a made-to-measure clothing brand or a luxury label, Vitamin B Designs offers consulting services across a range of categories. They provide holistic fashion consulting packages to global brands and designers, helping them elevate their brand image in the highly competitive and always evolving world of fashion. If you are prepared to take your fashion label to the next level, they are your perfect guides. Connect with them to understand more about how they can help increase your brand value. 

They support fashion businesses with a range of solutions to help them position their brand strategically and precisely. They are experts of industry best practices which is a result of their rich experience in working with global brands. They consult, provide solutions and help execute them in the most efficient ways to put your business on the right track of global recognition. Whether you need branding solutions or a directional change in your business strategy, they are the go-to destination for brand initiations and reinventions. Their creative solutions also ensure your presence is established in all the right places and platforms to give you more visibility among existing players. 

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Second, the many fashion consulting firms that has emerged in Bangalore is Moshi. With a reputation for not just being a fashion consultancy, Moshi has been a company that has worked to let brands speak for themselves. It Is A Young, Creative, Gutsy, And Committed Communication Firm That Wants Its Clients To Always Expect The Extra From It and has always been in the business of bringing fun to fashion, regardless of whether its a fashion brand, firm or store. 

Moshi understands your brand and works to analyse, scrutinize, and evaluate it thoroughly before strategizing, planning, and executing your path to success. Basically, the thought process relied on simple logical solutions to complex business problems.  

Third, Fashion consultancy has become a necessity for certain brands, and Pink Lemonade agency, from Bangalore, has been a pro in their service. Their work speaks for itself–they are a community of marketers, art creators, and other brands alike. Their strength is their ability to combine strong strategic thinking with a refreshing and innovative approach to relevant communication that addresses tangible business problems. Content, Design, Web, Video, and Digital all fall under their expertise and capabilities.

Apart from its flawless ability to meet deadlines, the agency also places emphasis on brand positioning strategy and advertising. We provide creative strategizing, branding, and event production services for all communication requirements, whether digital, social, or traditional, we are the right place to get the job done.

Fourth, The Bangalore-based Geek Creative Agency specializes in Fashion Consulting.  A team of diverse thinkers helps to bring in originality, and offers consulting services for retailers and brands of all sizes, including boutiques and chains. 

Fashion brands can position themselves strategically and precisely with their solutions. Their success can be attributed to their work with brands. Under one roof, you can develop your brand identity and start or grow your business. Their creative solutions allow you to establish your presence on all the right platforms in order to gain more visibility. Brand presence is not just seen, but felt.

Lastly, Freeflowideas, a fashion consultant agency based in Bangalore, stands out as one of the best. They are unwavering thinkers and provocateurs in Fashion. They offer flexible, cost-effective, custom consulting services to everyone, whether a single designer, a chain of stores, or a boutique. Contact them to learn more about how they can enhance your brand value.

Fashion businesses can strategically position their brands with Their solutions are best suited to launching and reinventing brands in terms of branding and communication. Additionally, their creative solutions increase your visibility across various platforms. 

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