Why Everyone Is Buying a Home in Idyllic Summerlin, Las Vegas And You Should Too

Buying a Home in Idyllic Summerlin

The city of Summerlin, now thirty years old, is as lively and resonant as it ever was. It is the dwelling place for many of the city’s rainmakers, CEOs, celebrities, professionals, athletes, and families. It is blessed with an active outdoor lifestyle, owing to its location in sylvan settings and pristine natural surroundings at the base of Red Rock Canyon National conservation area. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that are second to none. Its offerings include homes in a wide range of sizes, styles, and prices by the nation’s premier leaders, all within a few minutes’ walking distance from the community’s swarming and hectic city center.

While Summerlin homes for sale by owner in Las Vegas were created with a vision to promote a feeling of community-mindedness, the following are some reasons why Summerlin continues to reverberate with residents and home buyers.

1. Set Against a Beautiful Backdrop:

Snug in the foothills of red rock canyon national conservation area, southern Nevada, is a sought-after destination for cycling, hiking, and rock climbing. It is akin and homologous to the area’s intrinsic, primordial, and pristine natural beauty. Also noteworthy is that its predecessor helped establish the boundary for the conservation area forever to protect the Red Rock canyon from developmental activities. And, the company also helped create a protected territory in the late 1980s, much before Summerlin’s development began. This makes it an ideal environment for people who would like the privilege of living amidst untouched, wild, rustic, natural beauty.

2. The Country’s Foremost Home builders:

Summerlin’s home builders provide innovative, up-to-date, and modern, quality home designs that remains their trademark feature. The list of home builders in Summerlin includes many of the country’s largest and prodigious builders.

3. A Home For All

Summerlin provides a wide range of homesteading options in terms of variety in matters of style, and costing, which is one reason why the homesteads are much valued and have not lost their appeal over the years. Summerlin offers more than 1.75 unique floor plans in 36 neighborhoods, I9 distinctive villages, with prices ranging from a minimum value of $300,000 to millions. Homes in Summerlin include expansive estate- style, and luxurious personalized homes in multiple elevations for families of all sizes. It also offers a wide range of town homes of all sizes, and price ranges including luxury condominiums, which are ideal for people of all generations which may include millennials, empty nesters and active adults.

3. Higher Altitudes

Summerlin is situated at an altitude of about 3,500 feet above sea level, with specific areas located at the height of 4,400 feet. The higher elevation results in picturesque, idyllic, views from different points of observation and angles throughout the community. Living at these high altitudes gives one the sense of living above everyone else that takes precedence overall. At these high altitudes, one can enjoy cooler temperatures of about 5 to 7 degrees compared to other parts of the valley, making a massive difference during the heat of the summer.

4. Active, Healthy Lifestyle

Thanks to the plethora of recreational amenities available at Summerlin, one can stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. It offers an award-winning trail system that provides more than 150 miles for walking, running, and cycling, more than 250 parks of all sizes, including tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, and playgrounds. It also is home to five community swimming pools and community centers for socializing and gathering; 10 public and private golf courses, including the state’s only two tournament players club facilities, and it also has plenty of opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, and cycling at the neighboring red rock canyon. The community’s social infrastructure is buttressed by youth and adult sports leagues, camps, and activity classes for all age groups.

5. Prioritization of Education

Summerlin community is fully aware that schools are the foundation and cornerstone of any society. The Howard Hughes Corp, made schools a priority right from Summerlin’s inception. In fact, the very first building to be constructed at Summerlin was “The Meadows”, a college preparatory school that lasted 36 years and was built on land donated by the Howard Hughes Corp. Currently, the community is the base for 26 schools, many of which are top-ranking public schools, and leading, top-notch private schools.

6. Summerlin Metropolis:

While Summerlin is outstanding and remarkable for a plethora of reasons, the fact that it has its own metropolitan area makes it unparalleled and unsurpassed. The metropolis of Summerlin includes an outdoor pedestrian retail center, that is home to over 125 national and regional brands, 30 plus restaurants and eateries that offer fine cuisine and appetizing food, to fast, casual, movie theatres and major sports venues. While the megalopolis and city center, business district of Summerlin offers a wide range of shopping facilities, it is also a popular gathering place for nearly everyone in the valley owing to its access to the 215b Beltway.


Summerlin, was ranked no. 3, nationally, based on new home sales and was recognized as the Master planned community of the year by the national association of home builders in the year 2020. Summerlin is also ranked as the nation’s number one, top-selling community known for its detailed planning for nearly a decade from the early 1990s to the early 2000s. Danielle Bisterfeldt, vice president of marketing for Summerlin, states that at Summerlin, “They are constantly reminded of home, family, and community.”

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