Prescription Eyeglasses VS UV Coating

popular mens prescription glasses

By online buying, you may bewilder due to a lot of options in front of you. Once you have settled your frame, you need to choose to coat for popular men’s prescription glasses. If you have several choices in the coating, it becomes hard to decide one for you.

These coatings contain UV protection from the sun’s rays. But you need to learn about UV coating. Why do you need it for your peepers? The sun’s rays or ultraviolet rays can damage your skin and eyes.

For the skin, UVB rays are hurting, but for the eyes both rays UVA and UVB are harmful. Other harmful rays for eyes are UVC, and they are absorbed by the ozone layer. But in the future, it could be harmful due to the running down of the ozone layer. But it doesn’t mean that you need to understand all science of rays.

You have to know that you have to shield your eyes from sun rays. Without any safety, UVA radiation can enter into your eyes and affect the retina. Well, UVB rays cannot run deeply like this, but it can cause macular degeneration and cataract. 

Besides, UVB rays can lead to snow blindness due to corneal inflammation that is also known as photo keratitis. Various stores have kids’ glasses sale, and you can get such discounts on elders’ products as well. People put Prescription Eyeglasses on bright sunny days because they keep your eyes comfortable.

Besides, they can see clearly in the bright sunlight. But it is essential to understand about eyes safety from UV rays but not just for comfort. The sun always on the sky, and rays have equal intensity in all seasons and weather.   

Prescription Sunglasses for Men:

Another ideal choice for the people who are regular wearer s can use prescription sunglasses. Sometimes, wearers find difficulty in finding attractive and comfortable Prescription Eyeglasses for them.

Besides, if they wear sunnies over prescription eyewear, they look bulky and sometimes dd. On the other hand, there is the option of clip-on lenses that can scratch the prescription lenses. 

And sometimes they don’t perfectly and provide clear vision. 

But prescription sunglasses deliver you clear vision, complete UV protection, and defense from visible lights as well. You can get all such facilities just with one pair of eyewear. Wearers who use contact lenses, they must use sunglasses with 100% UV safety as they come outside.

Contact lenses are also available with UV safety built-in, but they don’t cover your entire eyes area. So, it will be a better idea to wear Prescription Eyeglasses eyeglasses over prescription contact lenses.

Keep in mind that all sunglasses have the same features because most people lean to inexpensive sunglasses. 

But you have to be careful about more Ultraviolet defense for peeper’s safety. Choose that sunnies that have a tag with the 100% UV protection. Besides, Children Eyeglasses, sunglasses have more colorful options in frames and lenses. But keep in mind that wraparound frames are the best choice for eye protection.

So, the main difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses is how UV safety is added. In inexpensive sunglasses, you should apply an extra coating of UV protection. If they have 100% ultraviolet ray’s safety, you don’t need to pay extra.  


Well, people who use prescription eyewear, their eye glasses generally protected from UV light. But if they don’t have, you must add UV coating for your eyes health.

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