Effortless Tips and Solutions for Exporting Excel Contacts to WhatsApp Groups and Web


If you answered yes, you’re probably looking for a way to export excel contacts to WhatsApp. As a result, we present a straightforward and reliable solution. This article will provide readers with one of the best ways for exporting Contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on their desktop.

Smartphones are one of the most notable contemporary developments. There is no one on the planet who does not own such a phone. Smartphones are available on a variety of systems, including Android, Blackberry OS, Windows, and others. Phones are the next step in the evolution of the SQLite database, which paved the way for the era of smartphones.

The user can utilize numerous programs from the little portable system, and the most popular app is WhatsApp. Users can use this program to communicate with persons on their contact list via texts or online calls.

However, there is no direct way to export excel contacts to WhatsApp. In fact, this is a difficult task. So, stay calm! Transferring XLS data files to WhatsApp is considered a difficult undertaking for users. Let us dig deeper with the help of the following user query:

How Do I Upload Excel Contacts to WhatsApp?

Using direct DataVare Excel to VCF conversion Software to Import contacts from Excel to WhatsApp. As a result, the user must first export Excel data to vCard (VCF) format because WhatsApp only accepts address books in VCF format.

Excel Contacts must be exported to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is now a popular messaging platform for smartphones running Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry OS. Many individuals use WhatsApp to send texts, photographs, and videos! As a result, it saves time and effort in manually recording hundreds of contact details.

Users of Excel can quickly convert their files into the VCF file format, which is supported by WhatsApp. As a result, if you don’t own a Smartphone, you may find yourself out of the running.

But not anymore, because you can now install WhatsApp on your laptop or PC and use this cutting-edge technology with adequate internet connectivity.

How to Export Excel Contacts to VCF Format

  • Download, install, and navigate an Excel file.
  • Add and preview data from an Excel file.
  • Display the matching attributes list.
  • The conversion procedure begins.
  • How to Import VCF Contacts into WhatsApp on Your Phone
  • After converting the Excel contacts to a VCF file, the address book can be copied to the phone via Bluetooth.
  • You must first open your phone contacts.
  • Then, choose ‘Import Contacts’ to export the new contacts.
  • Select the location to which you want to save the imported file. It is kept on a memory card in this location.
  • Now select the needed VCF file from the list and click ‘OK’.
  • The exporting file’s status can be viewed.
  • After processing, all of the contacts from the Excel file are added to your phone contact lists.
  • You can quickly export all of your Excel sheet contacts into WhatsApp this way.

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Concluding Lines

WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat program, and most people use it on their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices to send and receive text messages, photographs, documents, videos, and so on. However, before sending messages, the user should add his or her contact information to the contacts list. There are several circumstances in which a user needs to relocate contact information from an Excel file to save time and effort while entering various user details each time.

To export contacts from Excel to WhatsApp on a desktop or PC, however. A user can utilize third-party software to convert Excel files to vCard format in order to store the WhatsApp contact list.