Effective Solution to Export TGZ Emails with Attachments into Outlook

Export TGZ Emails with Attachments into Outlook

Summary/Overview: Many users seek guidance on the process of importing Zimbra mailbox TGZ to Outlook PST, aiming to efficiently manage their Zimbra desktop mail files in the MS Outlook PST format. In this discussion, we’ll explore the steps through which any user can seamlessly transfer Zimbra desktop TGZ files to PST, encompassing all data, including mail files, calendars, contacts, and other details associated with the Zimbra desktop application.

Why does the conversion of TGZ emails to MS Outlook PST format occur?

  • Compatibility with MS Outlook: MS Outlook predominantly uses the PST layout for storing email records. By converting TGZ emails to PST, users make certain seamless compatibility and smooth integration with the MS Outlook e-mail purchaser.
  • Unified Email Management: Consolidating TGZ emails into MS Outlook PST format allows clients to control all their emails, calendars, contacts, and awesome records on a single unified platform. This streamlines e-mail manipulation and complements everyday productivity.
  • Migration Between Email Platforms: In eventualities in which customers transition from Zimbra or wonderful electronic mail structures to MS Outlook, changing TGZ emails to PST becomes vital. This guarantees a clean migration way, retaining the integrity of email records.
  • Backup and Archiving: PST documents feature an effective format for backing up and archiving email data. Converting TGZ emails to PST permits clients to create steady backups, imparting a shield against information loss and making sure of smooth retrieval whilst needed.

Before embarking on the process, it is essential to have the TGZ files saved on the computer system. The Zimbra to PST Converter tool, an advanced utility designed for this purpose, facilitates the processing of Zimbra TGZ files with a user-friendly interface, incorporating all necessary options and features.

How to Import Mailbox TGZ from Zimbra into Outlook PST?

Step 1. Download the tool: Download the WholeClear Zimbra to PST Converter Tool on your Windows operating system.

Step 2. Select TGZ Files: Utilize the “Select Files” option to choose TGZ files or select the folder containing the complete TGZ database. The software will display a preview window with all the loaded TGZ items.

Step 3. Choose Export Type: From the software’s next screen, select the export type in which all chosen TGZ files will be transferred.

Step 4. Set Export Path: Use the “Browse” option to select the system path where all converted files will be stored, then press the “Export” tab.

Upon completion, a message window will confirm the process’s success. This user-friendly procedure can be followed by all users without any technical knowledge or professional assistance.

The converted TGZ files, now in PST format, can be imported into any edition of the MS Outlook application, including Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010, ensuring seamless compatibility. This process retains the formatting structure and elements of the files unchanged. The tool is compatible with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.


To execute the process of Zimbra importing mailbox TGZ to Outlook PST precisely, the utilization of automated software is recommended. This software facilitates the transfer of Zimbra TGZ files into PST format, preserving attachments and other file details. Users can familiarize themselves with the software’s functionality through the free demo edition, which allows the transfer of the first few Zimbra mail files from each selected folder. For bulk transfers, the licensed edition is available.