Everything You Need to Know About IELTS Exam Coaching

ielts exam coaching

IELTS focuses on honing a student’s English competence in reading, comprehension, writing and critical-thinking skills. The test is the standardised test for studying in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and several other nations. It is accepted at over 11,000 global universities.

The IELTS test is of 2 types – the ACADEMIC TEST (for students seeking advanced education degrees from noteworthy colleges/universities) and the General Training Test (for learners seeking course degree colleges and working in the country). To prepare and improve paper-solving skills, you must secure quality IELTS exam coaching from Abroadvice.com or other platforms.

These coaching classes will help you familiarise yourself with the exam format and featured questions. Plus, you will get many practice papers, one-to-one tutoring and official resources to work with from home.

Let us elaborate more on IELTS exam coaching. So, pay attention!

A. 360-Degree Coaching on All IELTS Test Sections

IELTS coaching classes from top platforms provide mentoring and guidance on all 4 exam sections.

  • Reading – You will get ample reading comprehension and practice exercises to hone your reading, understanding and critical thinking competencies. 
  • Listening – The experts will share helpful sample papers and workable exercises to augment your active listening skills.
  • Writing – For this section, you will receive detailed guidance and instructions on essay structure, grammar, punctuation, sentence constructions and practice essays to determine your writing prowess. The experts will also present feedback to help you assess your performance and fix your flaws.
  • Speaking – Finally, these experts will communicate with you in English and compel you to respond with correct sentences and tone, thus improving your speaking fluency and confidence.

To secure reliable study abroad counselling, check here for more IELTS coaching details. 

B. Personalised Exam Preparation Tips & Official TextBooks

Students often wonder how to prepare for IELTS in a short span. Fortunately, competent IELTS coaching experts will also provide you with customised exam preparation tips. 

Here are some of those insights:

  • Solve 1-2 sample papers each day.
  • Read dictionaries and thesauri. 
  • Also, learn synonyms and antonyms of various terms to boost your stock of words.
  • Take tests under timed conditions. Aim to finish before and revise the paper.
  • Aim to score more with each attempt. Also, monitor your performance after each test.
  • Improve listening skills by listening to podcasts, movies or watching videos.
  • Use logic for answering speaking and listening sections. Never memorise answers.
  • Read books to augment your reading and comprehension skills. 
  • Also, familiarise yourself with several writing styles to improve your versatility.
  • Refer to the common mistakes and avoid repeating them.

You also get the official list of IELTS preparation textbooksto prepare yourself at home.

  • The Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS 
  • IELTS Practice Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack
  • Barron’s IELTS Superpack
  • Simone Braveman’s Target Band 7
  • Road to IELTS

These practice texts contain current curriculum-based practice papers and many more useful resources to ace your exam preparation. Procure them and use them well. 

C. Lecture Archives, E-books on IELTS, Sectional Texts & More

Some top-rated coaching platforms allow students to sign up for specialised preparation packages. These packages comprise numerous features and resources to boost your preparation for the perfect score on the big day.

Here’s what is included in such specialised IELTS prep packages.

  • Archived lectures on the test format, questions and tricks to solve them correctly and quickly.
  • E-books on live curriculum, rare questions, flowcharts, maps, etc.
  • Over 40 sectional tests for all sections
  • Doubt-solving sessions with the best specialists in the industry
  • Over 250 practice test papers and 10+ online mock test arrangements to continually test and improve your solving accuracy and time.
  • Flexibility to pick your suitable training batch – morning, noon and evening.
  • 24×7 access to the chosen tutor to help resolve last-minute doubts and questions concerning the exam.

D. Expert’s Advice on Avoiding Common Mistakes During IELTS Exam Day

In addition to presenting tips and insight, you also get advice on avoiding common mistakes during the big day.

Below are the highlights of what you must pay attention to more.

  • Time management skills
  • Ignoring the instructions
  • Committing grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
  • Not grasping the question properly.
  • Insufficient time for practising with sample papers.
  • Overly stressing and panicking.
  • Ignoring the value of getting constant feedback from the concerned experts.
  • Not improving vocabulary.
  • Not working on English pronunciations.

E. Coaching Platforms Will Help You Achieve a Good Score

You must set a good IELTS score and practice hard with sample papers to achieve it. While score requirements vary among global institutions, these experts recommend scoring 7.0 or higher.

Typically, worldwide universities often accept students with scores of 7.5-8.0. For immigration, students must secure 6.0-7.0 minimum.

Furthermore, the IELTS format will feature the following –

  • Listening: 30 minutes, audio-centric questions
  • Reading: 60 minutes, text-oriented questions
  • Writing: 60 minutes, two tasks (Academic or General Training)
  • Speaking: 11-14 minutes, face-to-face interview

These experts will help you manage time for each section and advise you on scoring well in each section to have a noteworthy score tally.

Wrapping Up

The good news for aspiring students wanting to study abroad is several top-tier coaching platforms are available online. 

You can easily find one based on their user ratings, success record, expert’s competence and preparation resources. However, several scammers also dupe students into taking their below-par coaching classes.

Be wary of such platforms. Diligently verify all key parameters before making your final decision. Such due diligence will half your time and ease your efforts of finding a trustworthy platform to sign up with.

Author’s Bio

Henry Howkins is an IELTS coaching expert working for AbroAdvice.com. He has a goods track record in helping students crack the IELTS exam and get admission into Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. He also specialises in English and History and works as a college professor.

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