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event app development

The event Industry certainly attains a huge blow during the pandemic. These devastations shook them and made them consider again what they could do to continue their event business. The simple way out is event app development. The better will happen, the better app you’ll have as soon as possible. Take it all virtually as it is needed to shift and enter into the new paradigm.

If this excites you and you are thinking about forming an event app either by yourself or by gaining help from one event app development company, continue reading.

Delineate the purpose and vision for your Event App Development

In advance of event app development, define the purpose and vision of your app. The segment of event planning is quite a wide array. Nowadays, people perform online and offline meetings for business purposes, in matters of festivals, events, and more.

In each case, the need, features, and vision differ. Therefore, let’s dive into these pivotal things before proceeding further with the event app development.

1. Recognize the type of event for which you are building an app

Several kinds of events are present so choose which one suits you well.

  • Online and hybrid events
  • Festivals and expos
  • Conference and business meetings
  • Company events
  • Weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, and other various private events

All these events vary based on location, number of people, and scale. Ultimately, it affects the kind of app you want to make.

Peek into this scenario that an app for private parties needs to primarily focus on planning. In contrast, an app for some music festivals will have to throw light on scheduling, numbering of events, a map indicating location, etc.

2. Determine your target audience and their requirements

The desire and Needs of the audience directly affects the look and interface of the website. For example, In automotive app development, the app needs to be simple, precise, and straightforward but this is not the case in event-based applications.

Features certainly divert by the needs of the target audience. When you are creating an app for an event planner, there should exist a feature for event management. On the other hand, an app for participants must consist of the attributes of scheduling and networking.

3. List all the objectives to acquire with an event-based app

The arena of Event app development is massive and laden with a plethora of products. Hence, it becomes crucial to be clear about what you want in your app. Along with this, prepare a strategy as well to glimmer among your competitors.

Before performing deep research, list what you can offer to your targetted audience. They indeed have a wide array of alternatives but no one says no to a custom virtual event planning portal consisting of unique features.

Common Features One Expects to Spot in the Outcome of Event App Development

Indubitably, the inside of an app-like feature fluctuates based on the target audience and the type of app you are building. Furthermore, there are certain sets of features present that should be there in every event application.

  • A process to register or the existence of a registration form.
  • Profile with accurate and relevant information
  • Booking mechanism to acquire services
  • Scheduling of the events
  • Payments with the help of payment gateways

Comprehensive Guide for Event App Development

It’s time to kick off the process of event app development. So, here are all the necessary steps to form a well-performing, enthralling, compelling, and user-friendly event app.

1. Pick the apt programming language and framework

Going forward with the right technology will influence or enhance the entire process of event app development. These are Native apps and Hybrid Apps.

Native Apps

To form a native app, it is essential to pick the right language depending on platforms like Android or iOS and associated SDKs.

For Android:

  • Java and Kotlin are the programming languages
  • Android Studio as a foremost development environment
  • Android Framework and Android SDK

For iOS

  • Swift is the programming language
  • XCode is the alternative for the primary development environment
  • iOS SDK and UIKit Framework

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are those that perform on multiple platforms. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure the performance of such apps on every platform.

Orangemantra uses the following technologies to create hybrid apps:

  • NodeJS and ExpressJS for the backend purpose
  • ReactJS for dealing with Frontend

However, it is better to evaluate beforehand what are your requirements and needs then land on a tech stack to move ahead for event app development.

2. Formation of beta app or mockups and examining them to find scope for improvement

Mockups are the visual representation of your app design that you already had in your mind. It lets you inspect whether the interface is attractive or appealing and relevant to the niche or not. Moreover, it tells if it is easy to use or not.

Thus, it is significant to develop a mockup first and test it on a small group of people before proceeding to the development process. Identifying flaws or loopholes becomes easy along with fixing them. Once done with this, the UI/UX specialist will implement the design and take a step further in the development process.

3. Examination or Testing of the App Before Launch

Testing provides you a green flag that you are offering people something completely free from bugs and errors. To attain this end, a Quality Analyst (QA) people will analyze and examine the app thoroughly to spot any flaws to eliminate them.

Pre-launching testing is quite crucial as it tells you about your app’s drawbacks and the segment where it is falling.

Summing up!

Indeed the spark of the event business was lost. No one can witness or feel the thing that they before sensed while attending a meeting, event, or wedding. But the time isn’t gone yet putting the step in event app development will let you have an app that will uplift your business again. Making the right decision in the right direction and at the right time will bring you back on track. Any assistance regarding event app development is available at Mobibiz. Our developers will create an app that can satisfy your requirements and needs.