List of Essential pieces of equipment for Beginner Wedding Photographer

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A wedding is one of the happiest moments of everyone’s life. It is a special day that will cherish the couple forever. And wedding photos play a vital role in keeping the memories of the wedding day alive. Therefore capturing wedding shots is a big responsibility, and this can nervous the newbie wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is a very challenging and stressful job because there is no option to miss the shot. Therefore one needs to be very clear about his task or equipment while shooting for weddings.

Most of the wedding photographers in Bristol gain some experience before going alone for a wedding photoshoot. This experience helps them to know about the key poses and the essential trigger. To be a perfect photographer you need to learn essential photography skills and use a variety of photographic equipment.

Behind every great photographer, there is great photography equipment. They make our task easier and also makes it possible to do some extraordinary artistic things. The equipment is the basic tools which are used to enhance photography skills and help them to be more creative.

If you are new into the wedding photography industry and don’t know how to get ready with proper gear and about crucial equipment, then not to worry you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss all the essential photography equipment that will help you to glorify your shots.

5 Essential pieces of equipment for Newbie Wedding Photographer -:

Camera -:

The camera plays a key role in getting nice photographs. If you are new to the wedding photography business then you should buy an easy to use and convenient to carry a camera.

As most wedding photography is carried out in dim light regardless of season, therefore be sure to buy such a camera that will offer low noise and have fully automatic modes. Pick up the best professional camera from leading manufactures such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, etc. Also, go for the large pixel size around 24 megapixels.

Lenses -:

The beginners should buy lenses with fixed 50mm focal length. The lens which comes with the camera body has a low aperture, that means they are not good for dim light photography. To click good indoor wedding shots it is necessary to buy the lenses with large apertures. The lens with f2. 8 and f1. 8 would be the best for low light photography, as they allow more light to enter into the camera and result in brighter photographs.

Flash Gun -:

It is good to click photos in the natural light. But sometimes, especially at night wedding parties, it becomes essential to use a flashgun. It is also known as Speedlight flash, which is attached to the hot shoe of the camera and automatically produces the flash of artificial light when pictures are taken. This allows you to control over the light in the image thereby boost the creative potential of a wedding photographer.

All wedding photographers in Bristol use a camera flash to create more depth and to add more professional feel to their shots.

Memory Cards And Batteries -:

You should buy at least a 64GB memory card while going for a wedding shoot. And should keep a spare storage card and fully charged camera batteries with you. This allows you to take photographs with increased flexibility.

Back up equipment -:

As we know technical equipment can be fritz anytime, therefore it is better to keep backup tools with you. Any technical error on camera and other photographic equipment can make your day horrible. This is good if you have purchased your backup equipment, but in other cases, you can rent them.

The Bottom Line -:

Whether you are a professional photographer or clicking photographs is just your hobby. It is very important to keep all the basic equipment with you for the wedding shoot. This will allow you to focus strictly on your honour art.

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