Environment wall branding at your doorsteps

Wall branding

We believe in doing something distinctive in the interior wall decor market. That’s why we have brought into the interior decor segment for the first time environmental wall branding that was always seen in the corporate spaces promoting brands right to your doorsteps. 

Wall branding is completely new in the interior design market. No organization is providing these services in the interior design market. Apart from wall branding we also do thematic walls and different types of wallpapers which are eco-friendly and free of nickel, lead, and other harmful materials so you and your loved ones are safe and sound. 

Our wallpapers are made with very long-lasting materials that help in making them last longer and they’re also self-adhesive so even you can put them on your walls without any professional help required. And those pesky air bubbles that come out due to air getting trapped, that won’t be happening with our wallpapers. 

We’ve already taken care of that in our manufacturing process. Ours is a small in-house production where from the conception of the design to the manufacturing of the product all of it happens right at our workshop. We also provide a 2-year warranty on all our wall designs for your peace of mind. Our designs are creative and unique, ranging from Religious to abstract to contemporary to modern. 

Every wall design is made with only one thing in mind, to raise the ambiance of your home and give it a sophisticated aura and vibe. Everyone is different; some people may like to go for ancient Rome look in their living room while others may prefer the more abstract look of the wedding series in their bedrooms to the more modern look of the thriller series in their gaming room. 

We have it all. Another unique offering of ours is the number of different customizations we give to our customers ranging from size to color to design; we want to make sure that your shopping experience with us is satisfying. Not only are our walls eco-friendly but we are too. We are an environmentally conscious organization that believes in practicing sustainability. Since we all spend most of our time within our homes our walls say a lot about us. You can give your home a theme like a historic roman look from our royal series, a colorful abstract look from our wedding series or a more of a grunge look in your bachelor pad with our thriller series. 

There is an entire section for kids called cutiepie series to make their rooms full of color and cheeriness with different designs like Bal Ganesha and Mowgli. Our holy series has beautiful wall designs for mandir walls and we are also offering ceiling wall designs to give your rooms a feeling of openness and add a bit of character. 

Then there’s also Vastu series to fill your homes with positive energy. Our 3D walls are full of character and depth. And our pattern walls are for everyone who wants to just add a bit of flair to an otherwise bland room. Every wall design we offer has its own story to tell. What we are offering isn’t just a one-time buy but something that will be an experience that will build our bonds and deepen our relationship. The paints on your walls may fade away but these wallpapers are going stand the test of time. 

We are also going to keep updating our collections with time. Our in house artists are just brimming with ideas and arguing over them just so they can create the perfect wall designs for you. We here at new dimensions are not another soulless organization bent on being number one but a tight-knit group of friends who want to do something different. 

Our wall designs are made with passion and contain a piece of those moments we spent designing it, all those hours waking and arguing with each other. That’s what’s different about us. We also offer advice on our blog in case you want to check out our curated lists or need any suggestions. Some of the walls designs we have are so awe-inspiring that your guests will be captivated just by looking at them. They are going to be a great conversation starter at those house parties. Our modern yet classy designs are so unique that there won’t be two of the same kind. So your wall will be completely distinctive and unique. 

With the marriage season coming up you should take a look at our wedding series to give your home a more festive look. And as far as experience is concerned we have already done at least 1000+ walls alone in the Delhi-NCR region. So rest assured, we know what we are doing. Try out our designs for yourself and you will be surprised by what we have to offer. For more information regarding our different designs keep checking out our blog so you can keep yourself updated with the current designs we are putting into production and to contact us click on the main website contact tab for more information.

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