Reliable Method to Switch EML Emails with Attachments to NSF Format

eml to nsf converter

Collaboration capabilities in the email client HCL Notes, formerly known as IBM Notes, are strong and flexible. It remains the favored choice for business correspondence. Because of this, many customers are looking for a simple and secure way to import EML files into HCL Notes. We’ll discuss how to precisely and easily open an EML file in your Lotus Notes mailbox in this blog article.

Reasons to Convert EML files to NSF format

  • However, there can be some issues while importing the EML file into HCL Notes.
  • EML files can have many formats, and HCL Notes can not be able to handle them in all of their capacities.
  • Your email has a large attachment that is the cause of the issue. Email clients’ attachment limitations might cause errors.
  • There is a possibility that data will be lost while importing EML files into Lotus Notes.
  • These are the only limits that might emerge while converting EML files to HCL notes. You can avoid these gaps with efficient import by using a specialized program.

How Can EML Files Be Effectively Converted to HCL Notes?

To import EML files into the HCL Notes NSF file format quickly and effectively, use the WholeClear EML to NSF Converter. The program allows the user to choose which file or folder to import. Emails from any certain sender or date can be imported thanks to its sophisticated filtering capabilities. Moreover, while moving EML files to a Lotus Notes profile, the toll takes care of maintaining the email’s essential components and features. The program can import the data files without causing any data loss and repair faulty EML files. Check out the software’s demo version to learn how it operates.

How to Bulk Import EML Files into HCL Notes

  • Launch the system-wide automated tool.
  • Integrate the software interface with the EML files.
  • Decide which email to import.
  • From the selection, choose Lotus Note in the saving choice.
  • Look around the intended spot before selecting Convert.
  • Select the File option after launching the HCL Notes interface.
  • After that, choose Import, pick the .nsf file, and press Import.
  • To complete the import procedure, click the OK button.

Completed! Here, you can easily import EML files into HCL Notes. There won’t be any constraints or limits while importing EML files using this utility. In addition, this tool offers several extra capabilities.

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A few of them are:

  • To import certain email files, use the Date Range filter.
  • EML files can be opened without installing Outlook after import.
  • Maintain email’s essential components and features.
  • With this program, you can print numerous EML files in bulk effectively and without losing any data.
  • Easy import of damaged or corrupted EML files

In Our Findings

With the appropriate methodology, importing Thunderbird files into HCL Notes is not a challenging operation to do. The best method for opening EML files in HCL Notes without any glitches is covered in this article. Without losing a single bit of your data, the automatic program will safely complete the process. Use the program demo version to gain a better understanding of the import procedure.