Why Are Electronic Business Cards Better Than Paper Cards?

digital business cards

When it comes to the debate between digital and paper business cards, we can be certain that both sides have valid points to make. Fundamentally, both types of cards serve the same function: they assist you in creating business opportunities as well as growing and leveraging your network. Electronic business cards, on the other hand, have a significant advantage over paper business cards. In this article, we will discuss why electronic business cards are preferable to paper business cards.

Problems with Paper Business Cards 

Design And Printing Are Both Costly

You must spend money to hire a professional designer to create your paper business cards. A good design will be expensive unless you are content with a simple design. You will have to pay the designer again if you want to redesign it. Then you have to spend more money on printing it. This will be a problem if you are looking to save money wherever you can.

It Is Inconvenient To Transport Them

You can only carry so many paper business cards at once. And carrying them around is exhausting. They take up a lot of room in your pocket or wallet. If you keep them in your bag or briefcase, you will have to take the time to find them when you need them. And if you accept paper business cards from others, you will eventually become overwhelmed by the number of cards, and they will mostly end up forgotten in a corner of your bag.

After A While, It Is Discarded

Let’s be honest: most of us save the contact information from a business card and then discard it. According to studies, over 88% of paper cards are discarded within a week! This is not only a waste of the person who gave you the card’s resources, but it is also bad for the environment.

The Benefits of Electronic Business Cards

Simple to Create, Edit, And Share

Electronic business cards exist virtually, which means that anyone with a smartphone can access them. If you don’t already have an electronic business card, you can make one in seconds with an app like Digital Business Cards. You can edit your card in minutes and share it with anyone in seconds via email, social media, text [SMS], and other means! You don’t even have to make physical contact with someone to share your card—in a world gripped by COVID-19, this is the most significant advantage.

Style statement

When you distribute a digital business card, you make a style statement. You’re implying that you’re up to date on current trends, which will set you apart from the crowd.

Sharing Without Physical Contact

As we mentioned in the introduction, the reality of COVID-19 encourages people to avoid contact. Because of this single factor, business cards online have a significant advantage over paper business cards.

More detailed information

A virtual business card has no space limitations and can hold as much information as you want. You can include information about your previous work, honours and awards, and much more.

Contact Management Has Been Simplified

If you attend a lot of business events or trade shows, keeping a database of digital business cards is a much better idea than carrying around a ton of paper business cards. When someone hands you their business card, simply take out your phone and scan it with an app like Digital Business Cards, which saves the contact information and stores it on your phone. You can even edit the information later if necessary.

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Significant Cost And Space Savings

You can customize and edit the information on your digital business cards as many times as you want without having to pay to redesign the card or print new copies. You will also never run out of copies because there is no limit to how many copies you can have of your card. What else? You no longer need to stuff business cards into your wallet or briefcase!

Environmentally Friendly

The most obvious and significant advantage of digital business cards is that they are environmentally friendly. Or, more precisely, they avoid the cost of paper business cards, which, as we have seen, are mostly discarded after a week.

Increases Business Opportunities

Because your cards are digital, you can share them with people who live far away. As a result, your network broadens and is no longer limited to those close to you. You will be able to send data by sharing your card via the internet, such as WhatsApp, e-mail, social networks, and SMS messages.

Taking into account all of the benefits of digital business cards, it is clear that it is worthwhile to have your own. In terms of creation, there are already several companies that provide this service, some of which provide it for free, such as us! So, what are you holding out for? Digital Business Cards can assist you in creating your own; simply download our app to get started.