Cosmetic Surgery Trends: What Is Popular in Australia in 2022

cosmetic surgery trends

Just like all parts of the world, Australia has been affected by the pandemic for the past two years. While many surgeons were forced to close their doors for a while, once the restrictions got loose, patients came rushing to get work done. We spent so much time at home, looking at ourselves on Zoom and having plenty of time to consider how we appear to others. This prompted many Australians to visit a plastic surgeon. Around 1.2 million Aussie people have had some form of cosmetic surgery in the past 12 months, and the numbers are expected to rise. So what are Australians changing about themselves the most? Here are the most popular plastic surgery trends for 2022:

Butt lift in women and men

One of the most popular surgeries today, all over the world, is the so-called Brazilian butt lift or BBL. This procedure involves taking the fat from undesirable parts of the body (like the stomach and thighs) and putting them in the behind. This creates a more curvaceous look and a more prominent posterior that’s popular today. This procedure is quite dangerous with the highest mortality rate (1:3000). The complications usually come from improper surgery practices where surgeons inject fat into larger veins of the muscles, causing a lung embolus. If done correctly with an experienced surgeon, this procedure can be as safe as any.

Fat transfer

The behind is not the only body part that’s getting a new shape. With age, fat compartments just under the skin are deflating, causing that saggy look full of wrinkles. The loss of volume also results in the loss of skin flexibility, mainly in the back of the hand. Ladies in Australia are choosing a fat transfer surgery that transfers the fat from undesirable parts and solves the problem of hand fat deflation.

Upper-body work

From selfies to Zoom calls that focus mostly on our face, lips, eyes and neck, we can find a lot of spots to critique ourselves. This is why facial procedures are so popular in this day and age with many people coming for eyelid surgery, neck lift surgery and nose jobs. As per usual, breast implants are still popular and it’s very easy to get quality breast implants in Melbourne to achieve an enhanced yet natural look. In Australia, the neck and upper chest bear a lot of weight when it comes to sun exposure, so patients are also opting for procedures like micro-needling and laser, but the best way to rejuvenate the neck is with cosmetic surgery. All of these procedures have become more popular with Aussie men, including pectoral enhancements as well, thanks to our changing views on plastic surgery and masculinity.

Return to the natural look

As mentioned above with the connection of breast implants, most Aussie women and men are choosing a very natural look when getting work done. With natural-look trends, ex-plantation is also getting quite popular, including the removal of the implant. There are population groups that want to get their implants removed, which causes them to feel much better physically and mentally. Women and men who have opted for plastic surgery and implants are deciding to exchange their existing implants for smaller ones or choose a completely natural, no-implant look. Why? Well, smaller or no implants result in less strain on the body, a more proportionate look, better fit in clothing, better ability to move, etc.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction is a surgery that’s becoming more and more popular each year. Experienced surgeons can create a very natural and attractive look during the breast reduction process and they usually end up with super happy patients. Breast reduction patients (both women and men) report great feelings of self-esteem as well as relief.

Plastic surgery maintenance

Women and men with implants are generally very happy with their decisions to engage in plastic surgery. However, just like everything, the results of plastic surgery are not forever. This is where maintenance surgery comes in. This type of popular cosmetic surgery allows patients to maintain the outcomes of their procedures and retain their desired look.

Combo procedures

In 2022, we can definitely see more combo procedures done in Australia. This type of surgery involves a team of surgeons doing several procedures at the same time. While this might equal more pain and more money, it also minimizes the negative effects of anaesthesia and reduces downtime. Of course, these combo surgeries require experienced surgeon teams and proper clinics with good recovery practices.

Body contouring

The popularity of noninvasive procedures like body contouring is rising in Australia. While plastic surgery won’t go anywhere, procedures like CoolSculpting, muscle toning, and skin tightening which require no anaesthesia and no incisions are definitely gaining popularity. When done by experts, these can have significant yet not permanent results.

Australians are embracing cosmetic surgery more and more. And with an abundance of quality experts, it’s easy to see how people can be over the moon with their results. What are your plans for plastic surgery this year?