When flooding happens, it is usually disastrous and poses a serious threat to life and property. Imagine when water covers the house and comes in contact with electricity, which can be very deadly. When you touch water that has come in contact with life wire, you can easily be electrocuted. The more reason to look out for your environment when water comes in contact with electricity. Flood starts from a small portion before growing into something big that can cause serious damage. Therefore, knowing the dangers of electricity when faced with flooding is important and should be treated with all seriousness. This article will give useful insights as to how to handle flooding when electricity is involved. 

Safety Tips to Look Out For

The following safety tips should be adhered to prevent electrical shock:

1. Look Out for Your Property Before Entering the Home 

When flooding issues occur, make sure your property is safe, before trying to prevent damage. In this situation, it is best to seek experts’ help to know the degree that has been caused to your electrical appliances before knowing what to do after the flooding must have subsided.

2. Switch Off All Electricity Supply

Immediately you notice flood in your home, the first thing to do is switch off all sources of electricity in the home. This can only be carried out when it is completely safe to do so. For instance, when there is water inside the fuse box and you notice the fuse is overheating, do not switch off the fuse box as this could be dangerous. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional.

3. Avoid Touching Exposed Wires

When electricity comes in contact with water due to flood, there is a high possibility that there could be live wires loitering around the house. Staying away from water will prevent you from getting electrocuted. Also, making sure the electric circuit has been turned off completely before taking the next step.

4. Do Away with Leftover Water in The Home

In the same light, after draining the water, there could still be leftover water around the corners of the house. This also poses a danger when there is an electrical current present in it as it can also result in electric shock. When in doubt if there is an electric current in the water, it is best to consult an expert plumbing company to help deal with the situation. 

5. Unplug All Electrical Appliances Damaged or Not

Make sure you unplug not only electrical appliances that are functioning but also electrical appliances that are damaged. When doing so, you should also move other electronic devices away from the affected area to prevent further damage from taking place. Move back the devices immediately, and you notice the area is fully dried. By doing this, it will help prevent electric shock.


Generally, flooding comes with its challenges. When it happens, different things go through us, such as keeping our properties safe and avoiding electrical shocks. Having the above tips in mind when it occurs is important to help prevent further damage, and you will be ready when such incidence happens. 

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