Electric Cars: The Best and Their Characteristics

kids electric cars

The electric cars are powered by a rechargeable battery – powered engine vehicles. Its history begins in the mid-nineteenth century, where they had great popularity thanks to its simplicity, reliability, smoothness, not having marches, no noise, be fast, have good autonomy for the time and the cost of these cars was bearable.

Electric cars continued to have great popularity until the early twentieth century, where the starter and mass production lines were invented, gasoline reached a good price and roads were opened to traffic so that autonomy became a highly valued feature and gasoline cars ended up winning the pulse of electric cars.

Electric cars

In recent years, the rise in oil prices and environmental awareness has made electric cars re-emerge. And is that this type of cars also has certain advantages over other cars, which we will detail below:

Energy Efficiency:

Kids Ride on electric Cars convert around 59-62% of the electric power to the wheel drive, while conventional gasoline cars only convert 17-21% of the energy stored in gasoline.

Respectful with the environment:

Electric vehicles do not emit polluting gases through the exhaust pipe, although power plants can emit them. The electricity of nuclear, hydroelectric, solar or wind origin does not produce air pollutant gases.

Performance advantages

This provides quiet and smooth operation, have strong acceleration and require less maintenance than internal combustion engines.

Reduce energy dependence

Electricity is a source of domestic energy.

However, electric cars face significant challenges related to the battery:


Most can only do about 200 km without recharging the batteries.

Time charge

The total battery charge may take 4 to 8 hours. Even a “fast charge” at 80% capacity can take about 30 minutes.

Cost of the battery

The batteries of these cars are expensive and may need to be replaced when damaged.

Weight and space

The batteries are heavy and occupy a considerable space in electric vehicles.

At this moment the researchers are working to improve the technology of the batteries and thus increase the autonomy and reduce the time of load, weight and cost so it will take advantage in the coming years. Nowadays, more and more models of electric vehicles are appearing every time and are becoming more advanced and cheaper.

Another thing to consider is the aid to the purchase of electric cars, and can get good discounts at this time to obtain this type of vehicle. In addition, fast electric recharging points are being installed in the main cities, which is why facilities are being used to use electric vehicles. Of course you can also benefit from the PIVE plan for the acquisition of this type of vehicle.

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