Top 5 Content Marketing Trends Business Must Incorporate

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Content has become integral to marketing strategies and campaigns. Creative heads in marketing departments brainstorm about coming up with better content to improve lead generation. You can go on looking up all the promising marketing tactics with your Spectrum Double Play. However, if your content marketing is not up to the mark, you will not be able to achieve success. In addition, you also have to consider the current trends while shaping your content marketing strategy.

To boost your marketing campaigns, you need to stay on top of the content marketing trends. Let us discover the content marketing tips and trends in 2019. Find out what you should expect from this major component of your marketing strategies.

  1. Content Marketing has Become Marketing
  2. Converged Media Is Going to be The New Media
  3. Increase in the Budgets of Content Marketing 
  4. Taking the Omni Channel Approach
  5. Work on Standing Out in an Increasingly Packed Environment

Let’s discuss them in some detail.

Content Marketing has Become Marketing

You may argue that content marketing is a comparatively new phenomenon. Just a few years ago, most of the marketers were handling content as a side project. It was treated more like a bonus than an essential role. It was something that people did when they had time. It had a backseat when it comes to traditional marketing responsibilities and projects. However, not anymore!

Gone are the days when marketing was all about one-sided conversations addressed to the customers. Today, content marketing has opened the doors for smooth, two-way communication with the customers and audience like never before. Content marketing has clearly taken over. In addition, that is because it is vital to almost every marketing function of the marketing teams. Content is your best tool in:

  • Building your brand.
  • Earning trust.
  • Generating qualified leads.
  • Generating website traffic.

In addition, everything in between!

Converged Media Is Going to be The New Media

Do you know that marketers separate content campaigns into owned, paid, and earned media? Not anymore! 2019 is going to make it a uniform, converged media strategy. Brands are working on forming content marketing campaigns, which work just well across all possible mediums. Stereotypical ad campaigns lacked the efficiency of relevant and newer content for marketing. Instead of creating many pieces, brands are trying to work within the same piece of content for their original content and ads.

This year, marketing pros have to work on mastering the art of content creation that can work across all media – owned, paid, and earned.  

Increase in the Budgets of Content Marketing 

Did you think that in 2018 content marketing reached its zenith? Well, you need to reconsider this fact. Because 2019 is yet another incredible year when it comes to collateral creation. Therefore, you should expect an increase in the marketing budgets for content creation. This essentially necessitates a major shift in the strategy of how you should spend your content budget. When we say that we will witness an increase in content this year, it does not imply pumping out more material. Yes, the volume is bound to increase. However, what is meant here is the improvement in quality. Companies will invest in effective creative people and better management of creative operations.

Taking the Omni Channel Approach

This approach is similar to converged media. It implies that all the marketing channels that you have should integrate to offer an essentially seamless experience to the users. This approach revolves around ensuring a connected and smooth experience to your customers whether they are on shopping on a smartphone, a desktop computer, or at a brick-and-mortar store. The new content marketing trend is to work closely with various other forms of marketing to provide a better customer experience. Work on creating content that can live beyond the blogosphere and social media.

Work on Standing Out in an Increasingly Packed Environment

The change that we witness today in the landscape of content marketing came only in 2018. Brands sought new and creative ways for the content to stand out in the midst of ever-increasing competition. The biggest change that we will see this year is perhaps the increasing focus on the differentiating factors for their content and brand. The internet is literally flooded with content. In addition, if your content does not stand out, it is difficult to get leads, visitors, and conversions. Here are a few things, which you can do for your content to stand out:

  • Create quality podcasts to target high-income audiences.
  • Keep promoting your content with Search engine optimization strategies.
  • Work on combining data analytics with some great storytelling.
  • Come up with unique and catchy topics.
  • Publish more visual content such as videos and images. For instance, if you want to promote cable packages, it would be a great idea to make a slide-video of all the offered features.

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