Top 15 eLearning Tools in 2022 to Create Amazing Courses

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Do you want to create a result-driven online course that can help you earn money ultimately? Don’t panic. You have landed the right place. The guide provides you with a list of a few of the top online tools to create, design, market and sell your online courses to the right audience.

What Are eLearning Tools?

The tech world is continuously evolving and hence, eLearning gained rapid growth in the past few years. The industry has seen record growth, especially after the pandemic when people started to learn, educate themselves, do business and started to find out ways to generate income by using technologies.

Significance of eLearning Tools

In such a scenario, eLearning became the essence of the tech evolution. In addition to that, many people jumped into the eLearning industry to provide people with useful online material that can help them learn more about different topics. Many online educational institutions like Digital Defynd offer various certifications to aspiring students who want to educate themselves on certain topics of their interests.

Not only eLearning tools can be used for educational purposes in the education industry but it is considered a modern approach to help enhance businesses as well. You would be amazed to know that many industries and businesses have been using online tools more than ever before. Also, it is no wonder that a large number of businesses implement them in their strategies as well to grow their business.

Top eLearning Tools To Create Noteworthy Courses

Beneath is the list of top eLearning tools that you must consider to create attention-grabbing online courses.


Do you want to create your own online course to share your expertise with people? You have landed the right place. Thinkific is the very commonly used and the most user-friendly online tool that you can use to create, design and market your online courses with the right audience. 

It is considered an all-in-one platform that anybody can use to create any type of content without getting much into technicalities. In addition to that, what makes this course the most in-demand one is that it is the easiest to use and a code-free platform. You don’t need to have a technical background to use this tool rather you can simply create any type of content using it. There are a variety of templates available on this tool on which you can choose of your choice – or one that best fits your requirements from the library. You can also easily edit and customize the template according to your needs along with managing your course’s content with a “drag and drop editor” feature.

What else you can do is to create live sessions, custom coupons, certificates, randomized quizzes, promotional bundles and much more. Moreover, once you edit your course, the platform will automate marketing and sales related tasks to help you market your content to a larger audience effortlessly.


As the name implies, it is an all-in-one platform where users can create their online courses based on educational content. It is highly recommended by the world’s mentors and instructors to help keep students engaged and managed through different elements. Such as you can engage your students and attract many others by quizzes, certificates, completion, compliance control and online assessments. The platform also includes advanced pricing options, memberships, subscriptions, one-time payment, one on one sessions, bundles and more.


Do you want to create your own course and generate good income ultimately? Kajabi is a platform that enables you to create, design, market and sell your online course to the right audience. The platform comes with many useful features, elements and applications to help you craft an amazing course. You may use a product generator to create a course, or perhaps design it from scratch. It also offers different packages, delivery and customized pricing to the users.

Moreover, with its advanced features, you may also create an online community for your target audience, build and organize an official website, customize emails, run marketing campaigns as well as get market analytics.

Raptivity 2020

Raptivity 2020 – comes with media search powered by AI, is an eLearning platform to help create visually-stimulating learning material. Featuring more than 190 responsive interactions that users can personalize in accordance with their interests and needs, the platform also supports micro-learning through various eLearning features and applications. In addition to that, users can also craft and design text, surveys, brainteasers, wild cards, flashcards, diagrams, software simulations and more.


Are you looking for an LMS online application typically focus on micro-learning? Your search ends here. Grovo is the go-to solution that can exactly meet your needs. The very interesting thing about this platform is that here you can find more than 2500 courses which you can use with a little bit of editing or customization for your course or you may craft from scratch – whatever suits you best. This is considered one of the easiest tools to use because of its user-friendly features and interface. 


Another useful tool to create, design, market and sell your online courses with the right audience. The platform enables its users to use any online content including articles, documents, videos, websites, quizzes and presentations to create result centric courses for a better and enhances user experience. 

As an LMS software solution, you can not only use it for creating courses but use this application for teaching students, onboarding employees, educating clients and building a better online community. In addition to that, the online course creating tool enables you to track the learning progress as well as generate reports according to your needs. The program also supports exciting gifts, gamification and virtual currencies to keep the audience engaged throughout.

Wrapping It Up

eLearning tools don’t only help you create your own online courses but they are helpful to create, design, market, advertise and sell them to the right audience. So whatever tool you are deciding to use for your course, make sure that it can best meet your needs helping you maximize your benefits.