Best ways to Repair Outlook PST files


MS Outlook is a prominent email client that small and large organizations highly use to manage their business work. Users who are facing PST file corruption issues want to know how to repair Outlook PST files to get a healthy PST. This task is essential for users to accomplish because a corrupt PST file can also affect other data.

This blog will elaborate on the solutions to process this task gently. So, read this blog till the end to understand the stepwise procedure of the methods to do this task.

Things that affect a healthy Outlook PST file

Many factors can affect the PST file and users looking to repair Outlook PST files, which we have shared in the below points.

  • Outlook allows storing a maximum data of 50 GB in a PST file, so when the size becomes more significant, the PST file gets corrupted. This issue is widespread among the Outlook users.
  • Terminating Outlook email clients incorrectly can also lead to corruption issues in the Outlook PST files. So, whenever you close Outlook, do it perfectly if you want to avoid corruption issues.
  • Hardware damage is also a common issue that can increase the chances of PST file corruption. That is why users want to repair PST file before it gets too late and the other data also gets corrupted.
  • The PST file can sometimes be damaged due to the virus attack. Viruses can enter in our system from unauthenticated websites and start affecting the data saved in the system.

Users could have more reasons that motivate them to repair Outlook PST files that are damaged. In the next section, let us learn a few solutions to fix a corrupt PST file.

The possible techniques to repair a corrupt PST file

To repair PST file perfectly, users can use manual or professional tricks to make this task. With these different methods, users can go towards doing this PST file-repairing task. Microsoft offers a utility named ScanPST.exe to do this repairing task. We first locate this utility in our system and then use it to complete this task.

We will use a professional Outlook PST Repair Tool to accomplish this task in a professional solution. The manual solution has a lot of problems, so it could be risky for users to do this task. Before going to the manual trick, we suggest users read its limitations carefully in the next section.

Common drawbacks of the manual technique

Microsoft’s ScanPST.exe utility has numerous problems mentioned in the points below. So, read all the limitations of the manual trick to repair Outlook PST files.

  • This utility only allows processing PST files equal to and less than 2 GB. It is rarely possible for any user to have a small-sized PST file. So, users can only process a smaller PST file in this utility.
  • With this solution, users have a high risk of human error that can lead to chances of data loss. Moreover, a single misstep can ruin the whole PST file repair task.
  • If the PST file is majorly corrupted, this utility fails to repair the PST file. Users can only repair PST file that has minor corruption. Also, users can only process a single PST file at a time.
  • It becomes a little bit tough for users to repair Outlook PST files if they do not have the technical expertise. Users require good technical skills to handle this PST file-repairing task manually.

These kinds of problems users may face when using the manual utility to repair Outlook PST files. To avoid such issues, users can use professional software and make this task effortlessly.

Shoviv Outlook PST Repair Tool: A Practical Approach

With the help of this professional tool, users can eliminate the manual solution’s issues. Shoviv Outlook PST Repair Tool offers numerous facilities and features to help users rapidly process this task. Users do not require technical expertise to handle the entire repair procedure professionally. The folder hierarchy and data integrity don’t affect when processing the PST files in this tool. Users can add multiple PST files in this software to process at the same time with no size limitation.

Its simple GUI allows users to repair Outlook PST files effectively, even if the user is from a non-technical field. The tool’s working is straightforward; no one will struggle to understand the entire procedure of how this software works. It allows saving the repaired PST file’s data into existing or new PST files. It also allows users to move the PST file to EML, MSG, HTML, and other formats.


This blog gave an effective way to fix a corrupt PST file. Ultimately, we advise users to repair Outlook PST files using the Shoviv professional third-party software. This tool permits users to move numerous PST files in a single click. Most importantly, users can process this task using this tool securely and quickly. Users can also try this tool’s working by using its free demo version.