How to do effective SEO on your Ecommerce product page?

effective seo on e-commerce site

Apart from an assortment of products, the ecommerce market is full of competition. There’s too much competition because offering lucrative deals for customer retention while bearing some loss is quite daunting. Furthermore, the sellers are also empowered and know to utilize digital platforms appropriately. Hence, digital rivalry becomes even intense. But wait, you need to read some statistics.

  • 25% of ecommerce stores do not have the idea of on-page SEO
  • 22% of ecommerce new-bees admitted that they need SEO transformation
  • 15% of ecommerce businesses have never tried to check the competitor’s SEO game
  • Unfortunately, only 3% of ecommerce stores, in the last decade, grew speedily

Did you notice that all these points indicate instant ecommerce website solutions? These statistics exclude ecommerce tycoons like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ali Baba etc.  According to a report, the US ecommerce sales jumped over 200 billion dollars in 2017. They are expected to grow by 500 billion dollars by 2022. That’s something to ponder over? It’s simple, by implementing effective SEO on ecommerce site.

But, increasing the on-page conversion rate is quite daunting. Just by optimizing the homepage, you can’t even TOUCH the expected results. Thus, it becomes essential to acquire professional ecommerce web design services. These services are the apprentice that helps in creating high-converting product pages. When you acquire an ecommerce optimization service, there’re a lot of things in the package. Peruse and understand everything that makes ecommerce pages effective.

Understanding an Optimized Page Product

In the simplest terms, an optimized product page is the one which is designed not only to be spotted by the search engine but also converts visitors into buyers. Page products are the pages that ‘do the business’ on behalf of the website. Hence, optimizing them becomes essential. But wait, everything should be done in the right sequence.

1. Apt Analysis

Analyzing ecommerce pages can bear fruits of success when they:

  • Load swiftly
  • Appease the eyes
  • Offer sufficient details to a visitor
  • Shows HQ imagery of the product

If any of the above is/are missing, consider that you need to incorporate the changes. Implementing these changes will surely convert speedily.

2. Mobile-Friendliness

Today, mobile commerce or M-commerce is growing swifter as compared to ecommerce. 85% of the online business happens through mobiles. If a product page of the ecommerce website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ve already lost a sizable number of anonymous visitors. Web app developers prioritize this point and conceive mobile-friendly product pages. Thinking about what benefits you’ll get? Alright, we’re compiling them below in simplest words:

  • Facilitate quick navigation
  • Allow easy payment
  • Improve the overall UI

3. Because Description Matters

Let’s understand this with an example:

  • You’re navigating through ecommerce product pages for buying a men’s grooming kit. You come across a kit whose image is given but no description.
  • You again navigate another ecommerce website and land on the product page. You find the same grooming kit with a brief description.

Obviously, you will turn to the second choice because it has a description. As per a report filed in 2019 by Forbes, 23% of ecommerce buyers read descriptions before purchasing anything. Although images lay a heavy impact but they alone cannot do anything for driving results. Hence, every ecommerce website design company in India provides a brief product description. Remember to include the key details like relevant title, product features & components, price, and brand information.

4. Bold & Clear CTA

Do you know that a clear CTA button is way better than 3 images on a product page? Undoubtedly, the CTA button is the underrated feature that boosts the ecommerce conversions. When the on-page SEO is strong, the CTA button’s contribution cannot be ignored. The Golden Rule for a perfect CTA button is to make it bold and simple. Fancy CTAs are bogus and might fail to impress.

5. Customer Ratings

Including customer ratings also plays a key role in optimizing ecommerce website design. They build trust and credibility. Since credibility means genuineness, the buyer can easily understand the product and its first-hand review from other buyers.

However, it is essential to note that to maintain a balance, it is necessary to show negative and positive reviews. The credibility of the website and brand comes at stake when only positive or only negative reviews are displayed on the website.

Summarizing Everything

Effective SEO means a win-win situation. Optimizing ecommerce website product pages is a sure shot solution to increase conversion rates. Though the homepage has its own role to magnetize traffic to the website, ecommerce website owners should optimize the pages that bring business.  

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