Important Accessories for the drawing room:

drawing room

Drawing room is the most important part of the home. Aenzay Interior & Architects help you to design and make it more attractive and beautiful

We usually take the drawing room for granted and there are so many reasons for it. It’s the only space in home that serves multiple personalities. We can arrange our events and parties in the drawing room. It’s a place where you can stay for so long and space, where families sit together and enjoy each other companies. 

There is important stuff that every living room must have. Couch, large seat for family and friends. We don’t have to exclude TV from the list. What makes living room different from another? It’s about how do you design the interior of home. We have minimized the list which will make your drawing room more comfortable and beautiful. 

Selection of Sofa 

One of the things to shop for the drawing room is the sofa. It’s up to individuals what type of color and what sort of sofa they choose. There are high black Sofas, Round Black Sofas, wing back sofas and Barrel back Sofas. More importantly furniture is place, which reflects your design choices, that will add your admirer. 


The couch is center stage of any room. The color selection of the couch is important. It’s important to select dark and bold color because everyone is going to stay and look at this place. Don’t ignore to put some handful investment in it. 

The art of Wall

The art present on the wall of the drawing room signifies the personality of the home owner. Might you want bright and open space for the drawing room? In this situation, more than over sized mirror is perfect product to be placed at walls. When you look for art especially for the drawing room, though never settles for less. Never forget that you’re creating a dream living space. 

Entertainment Sphere

Installing TV is highly crucial for the drawing room. It doesn’t need to be space of boring and yawning rather space for entertainment. TV can make the drawing room more intimate and dim lights can add the extra spark. If you’re still going through the process of planning, think through how it will function whether you’re curled up on the couch solo or you’re entertaining a large group.


Adding curtains in drawing room give the traditional look. The color of curtain will be depend upon the furniture, door, windows and wall color. Make the curtains in fancy look to give the modern look. The fabric must be hard and easy to wash material when selecting the curtains.


Use lights in form of combination like golden and white.  This gives the real look and make the things more clear in room. In drawing room use ceiling lights other than bulb. Bulb gives the old fashioned look. Also use fanoos light in middle of the room to make the Beauty of room more prominent. 


Carpet must be placed at the exact position. Carpet helps to make the room clean you don’t have to clean the floor every day. Carpet protects the room from dust and it can be easy to wash when it feel dusty.

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