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Education Guidance

Human beings have witnessed a IT revolution over the past decade, with the advent of the internet technology. The Internet has not only made the lives of people easier but has also helped them in gaining knowledge of various domains. Till date, Internet thrives to uplift people’s lives. Therefore, people are more connected than ever. If one looked around, one would find that, almost every industry relies on the usage of the internet for their own benefit. It is as if, human beings are inevitbly dependent on the IT technology. The Internet swept off peoples doubts & subsequently made them knowledgeable. The information which took days or even years to process, was now truly at people’s doorstep. 

But the Internet had never impacted anybody’s life as strongly, as it impacted the lives of students. Since, the students, were the best learners & were able to imbibe the knowledge at a rapid speed. Therefore, the IT revolution was primarily aimed for the students. Moreover, they were just out of the cocoon & opening their eyes to the reality of the world, amidst all the career chaos & confusion. It was evident that they were confused & in a dire need of guidance. What better teacher could they have found other than the Internet. The internet helped them in solving thier queries. Therefore, anytime, they faced any problem in, Google was just a click away, to provide a remedy to their problems. 

Therefore, the biggest boon the Internet provided was to the Education sector. Evidently, it were the students who benefited the most. Since education was truly at their doorsteps. With the advent of technology, the students could now easily get answers from nywhere. They were no longer limited to the restrictions of place, time & speed. The knowledge provided by the Internet was global & fast. Therefore, the students were bombarded with the knowledge in the form of videos, pictures & articles. Aslo, with the upcoming craze of social media, the students were better connected to each other than ever before. They could learn from each other even separated by states or countries. 

Furthermore, the students also took to social media platforms such as Facebook  & Twitter, which made them heard in the world. It was truly a libertaing experience. Since more often than not, the students are subdued either by their parents or by theitr teachers. Therefore, with the advent of technology, they could easily vent & express themselves as freely as they wanted. Subsequently, the Internet helped the students’ personality grow even more. 

Also, initially the school & college students were confused about the which stream to take, what career to opt for. Therefore, they took to the Internet in order to find asnwers. Subsequently with the help of the Internet, they got all the career counselling they wished for. Furthermore, with the growing trend of providing education counselling & guidance to the students over the Internet, there was an advent of educational portals.

One such educational portal was NextInCareer, that provided the students with career guidance at their doorsteps, with just a click away. It covered the educational arena, ranging from, Scholarships, ITI, Polytechnic, Boards, Universities, Medical & Engineering. Therefore, the students sitting at their home could now get all the career guidance of all the fields of education from just one single portal. 

It provided information on some prominent scholarships,such as PFMS, Karnataka E- Scholarship, Prerana Scholarship. The students who were confused as to where to go about seeking information regarding the Scholarship amount, eligibility & status, found all the asnwers in one article. Likewise, the candidates who were preparing for the country’s top-notch & highly competitive exams such as, IIT JEE & AIPMT, could now get all the related details from therein. Also, since such exams requires extensive preparation, therfore the students could now check the preparation tips in order to get an optimal result.

However, for students who were interested in pursuing a Polytechnic or an ITI course, instead of going to a standard University, the Portal provided all the information ranging from the eligibility & qualifying percentage in order to apply for the courses. Moreover, the students could now learn about the Polytechnic & ITI courses offered by different states & apply accordingly. Thereafter, the students were clear about in which direction they wanted to pursue a career in.

Furthermore, the students who were fresh out of school & just beginning their college life, could now find that information related to the admission process & application dates of different Universities. Also, since there are various courses offered by the Universities, therefore, the students could now check the eligibility for each single course along with the admission fees. They didn’t need to visit the respective colleges for minor details. The Internet had truly helped the students overcome career hurdles by breeding the gap between information & communication.

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