Unforgettable Diwali Memories We All Love

diwali memories

Diwali is the king of all the festivals in India. Every Indian celebrate this auspicious festival of lights with immense joy, zest and happiness. It is loved for many reasons. Be it buying new things, exchanging fantastic Diwali gifts, decorating homes, Diwali memories sweets, and more, we all await Diwali every year and welcome it with full of our hearts. We start making preparations for Diwali one month ago from its arrival. Gatherings, fun time with siblings and cousins, frequent treats make Diwali a memorable time of the year. The best part is, every Indian can relate some of the same things about Diwali. In this article, we are going to share such amazing and happy memories that are closely connected to every Indian’s heart. Let’s begin with them.

Home Cleaning

You might remember how your mother woke you up early in the morning to begin the Diwali preparation way before the actual Diwali memories. When I say the preparation that means cleaning every single corner of your home with dusting cloths and brooms. I also remember how my mother cleaned all the kitchen cabinets and rearrange them in the perfect order. Although today we have servants, maids to do this kind of stuff, nothing can replace the joy of helping your parents cleaning the home for Diwali along with your sibling.

Diwali Shopping With Family

Being a child, shopping was the most fun part of Diwali after firecrackers. I remember how my father used to take my sister and me to the local market, and we had the freedom to buy the clothes and toys we like. We also used to buy attractive Bandhanwars, wall hangings, garlands made of artificial flowers and more. No matter what we pick up, we were allowed to keep it. But now we instead of going to the market, we can easily look for online gifts and purchase them with a couple of clicks from Gifts N Roses.

Lighting Diwali Diyas All Over The Home

During the Diwali season, I and my sister used to help our mother put those beautiful, tiny Diwali Diyas in line on the concrete fence of our home. We also use to decorate our Pooja room with those Diyas. I’m sure you also remember the same thing as you cannot separate the festival of Diwali memories from Diyas. I miss those scenes where all the houses in my neighbourhood used to glow because of Diyas in Diwali.


It is true that we have become more conscious about the environment and the effect of crackers on it. However, when we were kids, we barely thought about it. For us, Diwali was all about the firecrackers. That was the time when all the kids in our area used to gather and burst the Diwali crackers. For all of us, this was the most exciting part of this festival of lights.

Diwali Sweets

Well, this was another reason why foodies like me waited for Diwali. I loved the sweets my mother used to cook during this season. Our dining table used to be full of different sweets such as Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas, Son Papri, Kaju Katli, Motichoor Laddoos, and many more. Those were the best days when we never really bothered about our calorie intake…right?

Diwali Gifts

We all used to receive a number of gifts during Diwali. From our family friends, relatives, dad’s colleagues to neighbors, all those who used to visit us, used to get a special Diwali gift for us. I and my sister used to be so curious to open and see those gifts, and our mother never stopped us from doing so.

The Bucket Of Water For Emergencies

This is weird, right? Yes, it is. When I used to burst firecrackers along with my sister and other friends, my mom used to keep a bucket full of water nearby so that if anything happens, she can use that (As if we were launching the missile). Anyways, that’s how a mother is. She cares for us, that’s why does these kinds of unusual things, and that’s really cute.

Cleaning The Homes Part 2

When we are done the Diwali fun, guests, delicious sweets, attractive Diyas, exciting crackers and all, we are left with hell lot of work to do the next day. Such work included cleaning the dishes, disposing of all the garbage in front of our entrance because of crackers, getting the diyas inside, cleaning the rangoli, etc. I’m sure you also have taken part in this cleaning mission along with your mother and father. 

No matter how stressful or tiring such jobs were, they were always fun. The joy of spending Diwali memories with your family is second to none. 

I really believe that all of you who are reading this somehow got connected with the memories I shared above. Some of them must have made your super nostalgic, too, So, this year’s Diwali is just a few months away. Have you started planning yet? I’m sure you have. I wish you all the Happy Diwali in advance and may you all get to celebrate this auspicious festival with your family, friends and all other loved ones.

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