Disadvantages Of Solar Energy


With each passing year, the cost of electricity rises by almost 3 to 5 percent results in huge electricity bills. This is why most of the people around the globe is thinking to switch from conventional to the solar energy system. There’s no doubt that solar energy is far better than the traditional one due to low bills cost, less maintenance, and much more. But most importantly by switching to solar energy you can make your environment clean and also save a huge amount every month that you used to spend on paying the energy bills.

As we all know everything has its advantages and disadvantages. One has to consider both before spending money on anything. You might know the benefits of using solar energy but do you’ve any idea what the disadvantages of switching to a solar energy system are? Thus, before installing this system you should check these major disadvantages of solar energy. Well, after checking the cons of solar energy you’ll easily decide whether you replace conventional with solar or not.

1. Availability

The first and most important thing that everyone should consider before purchasing a solar system is the location and sunlight availability. The sunlight isn’t equally available in every area. Each location receives a different amount of solar energy according to its latitude. By this we mean the areas where sunlight isn’t always available should not switch to the solar energy system. Like if you’re living in Canada, Russia, Hawaii where most of the days are cloudy and there are very few days when the sun reaches the ground. Moreover, you can also find out the solar efficacy by considering the season the country/area has per year.

2. Installation

If you’re a homeowner then the installation area isn’t that much important. As the electricity consumption at home is less than the companies. So the panels will easily adjust on the roofs. However, it’d be a big deal for the companies to install solar panels. Because the panels for the huge industries/factories/ companies will require a very large space. In this way, a huge area will be covered with just panels and you’ll not able to utilize it anywhere else.

3. Reliable

You can’t just rely on the solar panels completely. Because solar energy system mainly relies on the sun on and in the absence of sun-like in the night or during cloudy/rainy days electricity will not be generated. This is why you’d need to switch back to conventional in case if the panels don’t store any surplus energy for emergency use. Moreover, you can also add the local utility grid to the system to get energy without any hassle and that’ll cost you even more.

4. Expensive Initial Cost

The average size of solar panels that produce 4Kw & 8Kw will costs you around $15000 to $29000 and more depends on the company you choose. Most of the packages contains everything required to set the system except batteries. Thus you’ll also have to pay more to get the battery storage system. Moreover higher the power required more will be the cost and vice versa.

5. Roof Damage

Solar panels no doubt work perfectly to generate electricity but unfortunately, they could damage your roof throughout the process. If you install the panels improperly that it’ll result in having holes in your roof. If your roof is weak then panels could cause cracks over it.

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