Clothing styles come and go. While it is always fun to have trendy clothes in your closet, you should also make it a point to make sure that you have a few classic pieces available to wear at a moment’s notice. Here are five staple clothing items that every woman needs in their closet.

Little Black Dress

It may sound cliche, but a little black dress is an essential piece in any woman’s closet. You never know when you are going to need to put on your best. Having a go-to dress that is fit for a variety of occasions will prevent you from panicking when you cannot find an appropriate dress to wear.

It is a good idea to choose a dress that can be either dressed up or down. For example, a strapless black dress with a professional cardigan over it can go from the office to a night out on the town by simply removing a layer. The possibilities for amazing fashion are endless when you have the perfect little black dress hanging up in your closet.

Versatile Pants

Nothing makes you feel better than a pair of perfect-fitting pants. Fashionistas understand the importance of owning a wide variety of pants in varying lengths, styles, colors, and prints. Whether you are headed out for a family BBQ, on a beach vacation, or to the office, you will appreciate being able to open your closet and find a pair of pants for every need.

Krazy larry clothing offers an array of comfortable and stylish pants that will help you to make a splash every time that you step into a room. You can choose from solid colors or you can show off your playful side with some fun prints. Regardless of what pattern you choose, you know the fit will be great.

Good-fitting Pair of Denim Jeans

Denim jeans will never go out of style. While you may be tempted to go with the ripped jeans look or something else on-trend, you are better off investing in a quality pair of denim jeans that will stand the test of time.

Choose a more relaxed, high-waist, straight-leg pair of jeans if you want something that you can dress up with heels or dress down with your favorite pair of sneakers. The goal is to find a pair that flatters your figure but is also comfortable. You should never feel uncomfortable wearing your jeans.

Crisp White T-Shirt

The staple white t-shirt belongs in every closet. You can pair a white t-shirt with nearly anything, making it extremely versatile. Wear it with a pair of yoga pants for a casual and sporty look. Dress it up by pairing it with a pair of trousers pants and flats for a look that is professional yet not overstated.

This type of shirt also works well when you want to layer clothing. Wear it under your favorite cardigan sweater or blazer. Like choosing a pair of denim jeans for everyday use, you want to find a style of t-shirt that flatters your figure. This may be a v-neck if you want to accentuate the bust, a shirt with cap sleeves if you want to show off your arms, or something more modest if you want to keep it professional.

Quality Leather Piece

Nothing makes you feel quite as luxurious as a quality piece of leather. A fine piece of leather apparel or an accessory will help you to feel like a million bucks, boosting your self-confidence along the way. You can choose any type of leather item that you think you will use.

For something understated and not as flashy, go with a nice black leather belt or a classic handbag. Kick it up a notch with a leather jacket to add to your wardrobe. If you want to make a splash, go with a colored leather jacket. If you feel comfortable pulling it off, nothing is as eye-catching as a pair of black leather pants.

Once you have the basics in place, it will be much easier to put together outfits for any occasion. These five items are all great staples to keep in your closet for every season.

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