Everything You Need To Know About Digital Visiting Cards

digital visiting cards

The way we used to connect has been changed quite a lot and after the covid-19 pandemic, people are avoiding direct touch with one another and this is the reason why they are relying on the technologies especially when it comes to the businesses creating the visiting cards as they are crucial for businesses to create brand identity, grow and leverage its network. Living in an era where everything is going digital, opting for the digital visiting cards is the best option that a business can opt for these days and not just because it is in trend but for several reasons, they are greater for businesses out there. Here is everything you need to know about digital business cards.

What Exactly Are the Digital Cards?

For many years, papers have been an integral part of sharing and storing detail and businesses have used a huge chunk of them in the form of visiting cards. However, as technology replaces plenty of things, traditional business cards have been replaced as well. This is where the Virtual business cards came into existence. They are the replacement of the traditional paper visiting cards in the electronic form that is used as digital or virtual business cards.

These days some great apps such as Shareecard provide you with the opportunity to create and share Virtual business cards on iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer and share directly via link on Facebook, Whatsapp, Chat, Email, etc among the team of employees, contacts and create a network conveniently. Just like the traditional cards, the digital visiting cards can be customized as well but they have to offer a wide range of options to customize the card and that too without the space limitation.

It is much easier to add multiple options along with the normal contact information. The digital visiting card maker allows you to add not only normal contact information such as name, company, email, and phone number but other options such as logo and more.

Shareecard will let you design multiple digital business cards with different information on each card, so you can have one card for contacts, a separate car for clients or customers, and one for your friends only. Unlike other digital business card apps, with Shareecard you have the freedom to share your Virtual business cards with anyone and they will not even have to install the app.

Why Should You Be Suing Digital Business Card?

For centuries, paper cards have been a part of a business but what is happening around since covid-19 has left a huge impact on our lives. It was crucial to have something touchless but still accessible because we should avoid direct touch. This is where the Electronic business cards came in handy. Not only this is a unique idea but it was also a great way to share your personal and business detail with your teammates, clients, and customers as well but that is not all.


Paper is something that is widely used in the corporate industry for several reasons and one of the major uses is in the form of business cards. The problem is that the paper is mostly obtained from wood (tree). This means a large number of trees are cut and consumed by the paper industry and what is even more disappointing is that more than 85% of the business cards that are exchanged will be thrown away within a week, now you know how damaging this circle could be?

On the other hand, with the best business card app from Shareecard, you can design and own digital cards and share them without any restriction. A single card can be shared as many time as you want and they don’t even have to install the application because you can share it as SMS or Email or QR Code whatever thee receiver prefer.

Fully Functional Business Card

These days, businesses are required to be using the fully functional online digital visiting card. To understand this let’s assume that you worked hard from your side to meet 100 new people. As per statistics, only 15 people will keep your visiting card out of those 100 people. So, do you think this is the best way to network? However, coming to the design own digital card with Shareecard, not only your visiting card will be available as digital contact and can save directly as contact and that too without the restriction of the operating system as it supports android and iOS.

Contactless Option

As businesses are going digital, the meetings are going more on the virtual side and as the virtual events are becoming the major norm, sharing digital business card online are becoming a staple in this digital era as well. This is a huge benefit of using the digital card as it can be shared with anyone, anywhere without a hitch with the help of the link over text, social media, or email.

With the help of the QR code, in a Zoom, Google Meet video call, or Microsoft teams, anyone in the meeting can scan the code and will have access to your contact card without any issue. Even when you are meeting someone in person and gatherings resume, an online digital visiting card will be a convenient way to share your information because they don’t require any physical contact so it will help keep you away from germs.

Easy Follow-up

This is perhaps one of the major benefits of using virtual cards as once you designed your digital with our digital visiting card maker, not only they will be easy to share but they go directly into the receiver’s inbox. So, when it is sent as a new contact, it can easily integrate with their workflow and it makes the follow-up much easier than the traditional paper cards.

So, going for convenient and budget-friendly digital business cards would be the greatest option. The Shareecard provides you with its easy to use digital business card application that will help you in long run.

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