Why Digital Storytelling Is The Key To Effective eLearning


We all have our views about our favourite course and the one which makes us just pass the time. 

It is mostly related to the professor who teaches us and the material we learn from. For instance, if we take a class from an instructor who only reads from slides and is inactive during the lecture, it will surely make us feel uninterested. 

The same is the case with e-learning. The videos and PPTs filled with only facts and figures seem unappealing without any fun elements. This is where digital storytelling will help the students to engage and interact with the course material. 

So, if you are not familiar with this terminology then this article will assist you in learning about it. In this draft, we will explore what it is, its impact on e-learning and its influence on our brain. So, keep reading.

What Do You Mean By Digital Storytelling?

Ever experienced that when someone is telling an incident as a story we tend to listen to them carefully?

This is because it keeps us engaged in the content. Therefore, these days, technology has understood the importance of storytelling. As a result, it has changed the way we interact, grasp information and understand things. Currently, educators have started taking help from digital storytelling for effective learning of students. 

This terminology is defined as the use of technological tools to tell a story in the form of images, sounds or videos. This is why, now most professors take help from Online PPT Designers to create compelling learning material for the students. As a result, students get the essence of both traditional storytelling and advanced technology at the same time. 

Now that you become aware of what digital storytelling is, it’s time to have a look at its impact on e-learning, which is mentioned below.

What Are The Impacts Of Digital Storytelling On eLearning?

As we all agree on that modern problems require updated solutions to get solved. 

Just like that current educational sectors require the latest technological approaches to offer effective learning. Thus, to understand the influence of digital storytelling on online education you need to scroll below. 

  • Build Emotional Connection

Do you still remember the tales that your grandparents used to tell you?

Why is that so? The reason behind that is we had an emotional connection with them. The same happens when students are exposed to digital storytelling. It attacks our emotions and we feel attracted to that content. It helps the students to relate to their personal experiences and sentiments of the conveyer.  

Additionally, these approaches aid students in understanding the value of emotions and new ways of acting and thinking. Digital storytelling influences the emotions of the learners and motivates them to opt for areas and topics they are most interested in.

What’s more, it makes the learning material memorable for the students, which uplifts their level of retention and comprehension. As a result, it assists in boosting viewer’s writing skills, visual literacy, educational information and emotional intelligence.

  • Boost Curiosity

We are aware that a great narrative structure and engaging elements are the main components of digital storytelling. Thus, to make the students connect with the study material it’s a great tool in online learning. 

Additionally, oral storytelling and literary skills assist the candidates in creating their own tales and points of view which help them look at things with a new perspective. As a result, it grows their curiosity. Moreover, various digital stories take help from sound effects, video clips and several other engaging elements in their PPT presentation design. As a result, this technique uplifts the interest of the students and keeps them motivated to learn more and more. 

  • Make Learning Persuasive

In the educational sector, digital storytelling is considered a persuasive tool as it affects our beliefs and emotions. 

As a result, professors can now teach complex concepts or topics to students easily and compellingly. Moreover, when we present facts and ideas as an interactive story, then students are more likely to understand and remember them better. Thus, no matter what the course or field is digital storytelling will surely help you simplify any hard concept. 

  • Offer Context To The Content

One element that assists in understanding and retaining information is the context of the content.

This is why, digital storytelling provides a contextual framework that helps students to grasp difficult theories. So, no matter what age group you are dealing with this tool will surely offer them context to understand the subject. For instance, when you link the concepts with real-world examples then people will be more likely to relate them and find them applicable. 

  • Offer A Fun Component

Most people think that learning is a boring process but it shouldn’t have to be.

Maybe they are not taught in the right ways. But now with digital storytelling, you can offer an entertaining element in the learning material. Including various multimedia elements like images, videos, sound and many more you create an enjoyable learning experience. 

As a result, students stay engaged with the learning process and feel motivated to explore more. This is why, most instructors take guidance from various PPT Designers to craft the material for the course. These experts offer them eye-catching graphics, animations and many more visual elements to keep the learners engaged, 

All in all, these are the few pointers that showcase the influence of digital storytelling. Now, let’s explore how this tool affects our brains as people remember the stories.

How Does Digital Story Influence The Human Brain?

Do you ever notice why we always remember the scene from a movie but not the topic from the book?

It is due to the magic of the story. Digital storytelling acts as a bridge between the study material and its real-life application. Thus, by adding this element in the lecturers instructors assist the student to see the practical use of the concept. 

As a result, it enhances the understanding of the learners and makes them mentally strong to fight future challenges. 

All in all, this is everything that you need to know about digital storytelling and its impacts on e-learning. We have covered each point in a compelling and concise way for your guidance. Thus, start gaining from this approach. 


In the modern world, where everything is run by technology, how can the educational sector stay behind?

This is why, educators think of various ways to improve the study material and teaching approaches. One of the effective ones is digital storytelling and it offers positive results in the process of students learning. This is why, we have covered all the main pointers above regarding it, so you can understand its value and impacts.