10 Different Photography Genres

photography genres

We enjoy various genres of movies, music and books. Likewise the field of photography has its own genres. If you are a photography enthusiast, you must know the following styles of photography you can choose from as a profession.


Each monument has its own story to tell. Capturing the buildings, bridges, cityscapes and monuments comes under architecture photography. Architectural photography is not limited to historical monuments. You can capture any building around you that you may find interesting. Historical monuments have so many mesmerising artworks to capture. The beauty of other buildings, on the other hand, depends on how you capture them to represent an idea or meaning. Architecture photography can be done as a hobby or passion, or  for commercial purposes. 


Everyone wants to keep their special moments safe and alive. Events photographers do the same for their clients. Event photography includes capturing beautiful moments and memories at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and shows. Now-a-days pre-wedding photoshoots have gained immense popularity. Breathtaking locations and coordinated outfits are complemented by poses guided by the photographer. You can use your creativity to get something extraordinary and new out of the usual traditional poses. Candid and contemporary are some styles that can help you achieve this.

Other events like formal meetings and shows are also included in event photography. Have a word with the organisers prior to the event to get an idea of their outlook and expectations from the photographer.


Good food is something everyone craves for. A mere sight of your favorite food is enough to induce salivation and hunger. Food photography does the job of making cuisines look more delicious and appealing. It finds scope in the commercial sector like food companies and food magazines. Food photography comes under the genre of still life photography and requires a chef, food stylist and prop artists. Light diffuser and black and white cards are some of the important instruments needed to enhance the quality of shot and make the subject stand out in the whole photograph.


If you love babies and find their cute actions soothing and relaxing, you can opt for newborn photography. The babies can be shot alone or with their parents and siblings as a part of lifestyle photography. Various props are used to complement the shoot. Unlike other genres, newborn photography is more challenging as safety of baby comes first and it is important to relax the baby to gain his/her confidence. Moreover it is often unpredictable and time taking as the babies keep on fidgeting and rolling. But it is rewarding at the same time. The precious moments clicked by you will be cherished by the family forever.


Portrait photography is a widely used genre of photography. It includes capturing the personality or emotion of an individual or a group of individuals. The photographer can also depict an idea  associated with the subject.  Posed, candid and artistic are some of the styles used while capturing the subject. Selecting a good location and effective lighting are essential to begin with. Using various props from the day-to-day life of the subject makes the photograph look personalised and more connected, as well as gives an extra edge to it. Portrait photography can make use in business magazines, college yearbooks and fashion industry. 


Photographs have a great capability of telling stories and conveying deep thoughts. Photojournalism does the job of capturing such images to cover news stories. Being capable of reflecting the social, political and cultural influences, it demands a huge sense of responsibility and honesty. You must be unbiased and truthful with the story. Photojournalism includes politics, sports, business, fashion etc. You may opt for any of these fields that you may find yourself comfortable in. You must acquire deep knowledge of the sector so that you may understand the importance of a particular event and sense the essentiality of conveying it to the readers. 


In today’s digital world, the market has come in our smartphones. Getting products delivered to the doorsteps is a blessing for those who run out of time to explore a marketplace or those who hate getting stuck in traffic and crowds. The E-commerce industry is rapidly expanding, and with this new doors are opening in the genre Product Photography Denver. Product photography finds its scope in online shopping, online advertising and promoting businesses. Everything that is sold online, be it clothing, household items, furniture, electronics, groceries, cosmetics etc needed to be photographed in such a way that it attracts more consumers. Offline promotion of businesses and its products also demands such photography. And this job is perfectly done by a product photographer. The work of Product Photography Portland is exemplary in this field. Product photography is challenging in terms of capturing a product clearly from various angles so as to provide its customers the same experience as they have while buying it offline. The products need to look more appealing and eye catching to make the consumers feel that buying them can add some value to their quality of life. Props and background are chosen wisely so as to complement the product and not to withdraw attention from the main subject.


Sports photography comes under the genre of photojournalism. It includes capturing some great shots from all sports. Most popular are cricket and football photography. Athletics, gymnastics, tennis etc are other sports to shoot. A sports photographer bears the responsibility of being attentive to shoot some of the great and beautiful shots. Some amusing moments, moments from intense unpredictable matches are well shot by a photographer.


Everyone loves to travel. Many people save money the whole year to make a trip to their favourite places. Sea shores, mountain ranges, valleys, forests, deserts, lakes, castles, monuments and the list is endless. Nature has given immense beauty to roam and cherish. If you also have such wanderlust you can choose travel photography as a profession. It includes capturing not only the scenic beauty and natural scapes but also the man made architectures- bridges, monuments etc as well as people, culture and customs of an area. It is more of an art. Choosing the best time of the day, good lighting and angle to shoot are important prerequisites. Travel photography has its scope in travel blogs and magazines. 


If you are an animal lover, as well as love travelling, wildlife photography is a good genre for you to opt as a profession. It includes capturing animals and their activities in their natural habitat. It can be really fun and soothing to watch and capture their movements, playful activities and an affectionate bond between the adult animals and their babies.

Filled with adventure and thrill, wildlife photography demands a lot of patience. You need to spend some time in the vicinity of your subject to observe their behavior and habits. This helps you predict their movements so that you may achieve some beautiful shots. Another challenge is that your subject is neither still nor can be guided to pose. Animals will do whatever they do, you have to be ready to capture the best with smart use of your experience, angles and lighting. 

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