Difference Between PRP Surgery and Other Therapies

prp surgery

Regenerative medicine is becoming common among people. PRP surgery among the accepted therapies to aid in faster healing. There are several uses for regenerative medicine. They include PRP for hair loss and stem cell therapy for sports injuries. 

Between the two therapies, you can use PRP to regenerate hair cells. However, their basis is to revive dying cells to treat existing conditions. The treatments have a lot in common. However, some key differences tell them apart. The most evident difference is where you draw cells to aid in reviving the dying or injured cells. We will check each therapy and the difference between the three. 

PRP Therapy

PRP therapy happens when the doctor draws blood from your brain and then separates the red blood cells from white blood cells. The white blood cells contain a protein that helps cells to renew. For many years, PRP was used to treat sports injuries. However, the other medical departments picked up the practice and added it to treatment methods. 

The platelets in the blood help you in clotting when you get an injury. They also have a growth factor where they help the sprained ligaments and muscle cells to regrow. It revives dying cells giving your skin, hair, and muscles regain their glory. 

PRP is one of the safest therapies you can have. The doctors use your blood, hence reducing the chances of cross-infections. It is also a simple method that takes less than one hour to complete. You will need a few sessions to see optimum results. You base the number of sessions on the condition you are treating. Also, the extent of the damage that the disease has caused affects the sessions you should attend. 

PRP for hair loss is the latest hair treatment method. You can get it at several hair clinics around the country. Also, you can use it as an alternative to minor prp surgery. Your doctor can advise on when you can take PRP as an alternative to surgery. If the surgery is necessary, they can supplement with PRP to aid in faster healing. However, you should note that PRP works best in acute conditions. You need to seek alternative treatment for chronic diseases. 

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is similar to PRP in many ways. First, the doctors extract the stem cells from your bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. Stem cells are body cells that act as raw materials. They can develop into daughter cells when they are in the right conditions. These daughter cells can regenerate into any type of cell that the body needs. Also, they can become new stem cells. They are usually manufactured in the bone marrow. However, when required for medical purposes, they are extracted and directed to the desired location. 

All body cells are a product of stem cells. They include blood cells, muscle cells, bone cells, brain cells, and others. 

There are four sources of stem cells. You can get adult stem cells from bone marrow or body fat. However, they are in low numbers compared to stem cells from the Embryonic system. Adult stem cells are essential in the treatment of neurotic diseases. 

The embryonic stem cells are drawn from an embryo that is about three to five days old. These cells can divide into more than one stem cell. Thus, they are considered the best in any treatment method. However, there’s a controversy around this source. People debate about the ethics surrounding the practice since it interferes with the normal growth of an embryo. It is only right to use the cell if the embryo’s carrier donates the cells to you. 

Then, there are perinatal stem cells from amniotic fluid. However, they are still under research to determine whether they are safe to use in medical treatment. The last source is altered by adult stem cells. They go through genetic reprogramming to possess pluripotent properties- the ability to divide into several stem cells. When the research about these cells is over, It will be a breakthrough in the medical industry. They will no longer need embryonic stem cells in regenerative therapy. 

Difference Between the Two Therapies

The main difference between PRP and stem cells is that the stem cells are derived from fat, while PRP is from the blood. The cells work like PRP for hair loss. Also, there are more conclusive scientific studies about PRP for hair loss than stem cell therapy. 

Adult stem cells are inflexible and short-lived. That is why doctors prefer PRP for hair treatments. Stem cells work by replacing the degenerating cells with new cells. On the other hand, PRP revives the existing cells making them healthy and strong. 


PRP surgery for hair treatment is typical hair therapy. But, you can replace it with stem cell therapy. The injection process is the same, and the cells work to regenerate the existing cells. You get the best therapy for your hair with the help of a doctor. It will depend on the facility’s available tools. 

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