Diesel Generators for Houses: Their Advantages

diesel generators

The presence of an uninterrupted electricity supply in a country house is convenient and a necessity in most cases. However, even in the city accidents occur, and power supply becomes unavailable. Outside the city such situations happen more often, it takes longer time to solve them, and during it the house requires an additional source of electricity. For this, people use diesel generators. So, let’s see what these are and what benefits they provide.

Types of diesel generators

Modern diesel generators differ from each other by many parameters, ranging from the technical characteristics of the generator, and ending with the appearance and dimensions. By purpose, the generators are divided into two types:

  • Portable diesel generator: This group represents generators with air cooling. They work in intensive mode, a long time replacing the power supply, used in the house and at a construction site;
  • Stationary diesel generator, liquid-type cooling: To install such a generator, a trailer or a special platform is required, the unit is capable of working for a day.

Based on the output voltage, generators can be:

  • Single-phase and three-phase generators. A single-phase diesel generator provides only one type of voltage.
  • Low-voltage and high-voltage generators. The measurement point is 1 kV, the generators with more than 1 kV are considered high-voltage, generators with less than 1 KV are considered low-voltage.

Pros of diesel generators

Some of the advantages of diesel generators are:

  • A wide range of output: In case of gasoline generators, this indicator does not exceed 18 kW.
  • Efficiency: Diesel generators consume fuel slower, and the diesel fuel itself is cheaper than gasoline;
  • During a long period of power outage, the industrial unit is able to withstand up to 10 days of continuous operation;
  • The diesel generator does not require frequent technical inspections, the first repair will be required after 40-50 thousand hours of operation.

After speaking about advantages, it’s worth discussing \disadvantages of diesel generators as well and the main disadvantage of these devices is their high price. However, the price quickly pays off by using affordable fuel. Another disadvantage is that these devices are noisy, which is why it is recommended to buy super-silent diesel generators that lots of supplies offer.

Gasoline or diesel generator

When you plan to acquire a generator for your house, a question always arises: to buy a gasoline or diesel generator? Based on the experts’ opinions, gasoline generators are often an intermediate purchase, and sooner or later you have to acquire a diesel generator. The cons of diesel engines are more corrected nuances, but the advantages are indisputable and tangible. 

Even if gasoline generators cost less and are less noisy, at the right moment their power may simply not be enough for the required amount of work. With proper operation, diesel generators will serve you lots of years, paying for the purchase costs.

Diesel electric generators for houses are a long-term and effective investment. In case of electricity supply interruptions, you will always have electricity.