How Dental Insurance Verification Companies Simplify the Claims Process

dental insurance

You are handling a dental practice.

While managing a pile of dental insurance claims, you have two options.

1)You can either stick to the old, complex way.

2) Or you can choose the easy and fast way.

Which one will you choose?

If you’re choosing option 2, it will be easy and fast.

A Need For Simplifying the Claim Process

According to new data released by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, 68.5 Million adults in the US don’t have dental insurance, which may rise to 91.4 million by the end of the year.

This is one of many major problems.

Apart from that, dentists also face the problem of checking the reliability of patients’ insurance.

If you are managing a dental practice, you know the real burden: managing dental insurance claims.

However, managing a dental practice is a complex task. Dentists and their teams are equipped with many responsibilities, from giving quality patient care to handling administrative tasks.

Besides, the dental insurance claim is a process that is difficult, time-consuming, and prone to errors if not handled efficiently.

Here’s a solution to simplify the claim process:

Dental insurance verification companies.

They offer a lifeline to dental practices seeking a simpler, more efficient way to handle insurance claims.

Let’s dive into the old and new ways of managing the claim process and how dental insurance verification companies simplify the claims process.

The Old, Inefficient Way

Before we discuss the pros of dental insurance verification companies, let’s take a look at the traditional method of managing insurance claims.

In this approach, dental practices have to personally check patients’ insurance, submit claims, and deal with all the complicated rules of insurance companies.

Downsides of the Old approach:

  • Time-Consuming- Verifying insurance coverage and processing claims manually can be time-consuming. So, the dental office staff has to dedicate additional time to administrative tasks, which take them away from the patient’s care.
  • Prone to Errors- With lots of complexities, manual claims processing can lead to errors.
  • Administrative overload- Dental office staff often find themselves to be overwhelmed with administrative work. It affects the overall efficiency of the practice.
  • Inefficiency-  The old way is inefficient. It can result in delayed payments. And also, it can lead to a backlog of unprocessed claims.

The New, Efficient Way

The new way involves partnering with a dental insurance verification company.

Here’s how they make a difference:

  • Efficient Verification: They have a system to process the claim efficiently. They can quickly get the info they need.
  • Fewer Mistakes: These companies know a lot about insurance rules. This means there are fewer mistakes on insurance claims.
  • Getting paid on time: When experts deal with claims, the money comes in faster. This makes sure claims don’t pile up.

The Role of Dental Insurance Verification Companies

Now, we have seen both old and new ways. Let’s see how the insurance verification company simplifies the claims.

1. Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is the primary service provided by the insurance verification company. It is the crucial step before any dental procedure. They ensure that the patients have active insurance coverage and provide details about their:

  • Benefits
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Maximum coverage limits

This information is vital for accurate treatment planning and billing.

2. Claims Submission

The next step is submitting a claim submission. They ensure that the claims are filled out and submitted promptly. This reduces the chances of claim denials and delays in payment.

3. Error Detection and Correction

Dental insurance deeply understands the policies and can detect errors before claims are submitted. They also correct any inaccuracies, preventing claim denials and ensuring a smooth process.

4. Getting Permission Ahead of Time

These companies take care of the process, ensuring the right permissions are given. So, there are no expected problems during the treatment.

5. Keeping Communication Smooth

They talk to the insurance providers so everyone understands each other. This makes fixing claims issues faster.

6. Staying on Top of Claims

These companies make sure that the claims are processed quickly.

7. Financial Reports

They give detailed reports about the money, like the claims status, payments, and how much is owed.


Dental insurance verification companies offer a modern, efficient solution to managing dental insurance claims.

With millions of adults in the US lacking dental insurance and the burden of managing dental insurance claims on dental practices, both need to be solved.

These companies streamline the entire process, reducing administrative workload, reducing errors, ensuring timely payments, and providing clear financial reports.

Partnering with them helps dental practices to focus on patient care.

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