Important Things to Observe In Demand for English in Our Daily Life

8 Small but Important Things to Observe In Demand for English in Our Daily Life

The demand to speak fluent English is a must in today’s modern world. It is also an international language among 135 approx languages that are spoken in the world. For instance, in India, there are so many languages and slang but English is a common language to be spoken by people which helps them to share their ideas and thoughts. So, English is the most popular language all over the world. Start English speaking course in Chandigarh with Cbitss.

In today’s era, a large number of jobs in every field want to get high-level communication skills. It is challenged for a person who does not have strong English language skills. Don’t waste your time, and let’s start learning English speaking course in Chandigarh with the top and best institutes of Chandigarh.

Learn vocabulary is the first step to learn English if you want to achieve success in your career. As English is also part of business, marketing, sales, and many more. It will improve your language skills and get the vast opportunity in your life. 

Tips to learn English

There are various tips to learn English such as audio CDs, English E-books Etc which help to learn English. Some of the following are _

Tip #1: Learn phrases, not just individual words

While speaking, we have to think a lot about combing the number of words in the right way, by using grammar and think about sense-making. It wastes your time a lot. So focus on learning phrases, you will right answers to the situations without over-think.

Tip #2: Listen to more English

If you are a fresher English learner then this tip will help you to get improve your skills. The biggest mistake of learner they just learn the speak English but it is very important to listen to it. For Instance, foreign babies, they listening to their parent’s conversation firstly then they start speaking. So spend more time on Listen. It will help to improve pronunciation and reduce your accent.

Tip #3: Practice speaking by yourself 

Before speaking English, the two main big issues are Mental and physical difficulty is to pronounce English words in the right way. Practicing English by yourself will help you to think about words and phrases which you using in the right way. Reading and speaking English in front of a mirror will raise your confidence because nobody is there to stop you and find out the mistakes. Through this, the learner will increase their confidence and learn more English.

Tip #4: Practice thinking in English

The biggest mistake is that every learner is to translate the conversation from their mother language into the English Language. Avoid this mistake to keep the words and sentences in your mind before you speak. Your mind is not the translator. It is one of the substantial things which make you speaking English fast and fluently. So, start building this habit!

Tip #5: Get an online conversation partner

In the modern era, there are various tools and apps are available for practicing English with an online partner. Also, everybody is busy with their daily chores, so, it is the best way to start your conversation with online apps such as Siri, Alexa, and many more. It’s good to help someone by correcting their errors in a low-pressure situation.

Tip#6: Remember that communication is more important than grammar

Every English-speaking learner has to hesitate about communicate their message to native English speakers. They are nervous about the grammar using in their sentence. It is not important to focus on grammar while speaking. Just communicate your message to listeners. Make sure the objective of the message should be clear.

Tip #7: Speak slowly

This tip helps you to coordinate both native and leaner speakers. Don’t speak too fast that your listeners do not understand what you are saying. So, Speak slowly will help you more time to think about what to say as well as your speech will be clear.

Tip #8: If you forget a word, use other words

This problem is normal in every learner to forget the word or sentence while speaking. So, doesn’t panic the situation try to handle the situation with different related words.  


Those are some tips which you have to follow to speak English and get yourself to the next level for English speaking person. However, you will join our online English speaking course in Chandigarh By our top professional and expert they will guide you always to become an English native speaker.

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