Fatal System Errors in the US Education System

The recent video that I saw on Facebook asking college students about the country’s current scenario was the perfect pinch of salt. I was shocked at the replies of students replying to basic questions like historical facts and present-day people of power. The revelations were breathtaking; the say the least! What’s happening in the US education system is dramatic and debatable. Students not knowing the general information like places, people, and events was a big humiliation. 

Before further ado, let me drop down some causes and solutions to prevent the crumbling US education system from deteriorating completely.

1. US Institute closures is the new lockdown!

Schools often use community standards, financial limitations, and surrounding societies as a defense against their failures. Also, they link lack of quality education with communal support not up to standards as they should be. This is one of the main reasons schools are shutting down across the country at alarming rates. This is the main reason students are opting for online article writing services. On the other hand, school’s ultimate decision never reflects to the demands of students nor a community’s essential requirements.

2. Drinking gallons of milk from the bottleneck!

So how many students are able to play their parts in school? – How many pupils in a classroom could actually participate in effective learning? It depends on the teachers; whether they want to educate their students or run a 24/7 child service. To be honest, there is no essential education environment left in the country anymore. Indeed, a very difficult question with a confusing answer. You send your children to these educational centers for 6-7 hours daily. They provide them limited food and shelter, so now imagine what kind of education they’re providing to your children.

3. Disabled Parenting isn’t lesser than handicapped Upbringing!

Don’t presume that it’s only the US education system that hurting US future generation. Conversely, the parents are too a source to affect a child’s mental health.  How can we expect children become students of their parents are rude?! As well, neglectful parenting reflects lower IQ in students. So, how can we expect US Education System produce students with remarkable report cards.

On the other hand, parents are struggling to make money for their families. Their minds are already preoccupied with country’s poor economic tensions. Thus, they’re enable to spend time with their children, especially when it comes to curriculum activities. Parents should not disregard the importance of participating with their children when it comes to schoolwork. 

4. Failures are first steps to forthcoming Finish Line(s)

Once I was told I was a stupid person who couldn’t learn the basics. Also, lacks ability to understand things that even average people know about. Take this! At the moment, I’m completing my PhD in the same education system. On the other hand, a person with plenty qualifications is now best known for his academic background. A well-respected teacher among both students and staff. There you have it!

Every child face failure, but it’s also a part of their lessons in life. Each individual has their special abilities. It’s the parents and school’s responsibility to help every child find their true skills. Also, respect children’s true “God-gifted” skills which they’re good at. Everyone is born differently, so how can we expect our education system give similar attentions to each child? 

5. Jumping over the Education system like a game of Hopscotch!

The most shocking revelations came by the survey done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Education System. According to their statistics, almost 80% of students who couldn’t reply to basic “general information” questions are high school graduates. There are many other surveys done for institutional facts finding, and the results are completely devastating.

For a fact, fundamentals of leading a prosperous happy life lies in quality education; ability to read and write. It is our politically brainwashed mindset and ego that stops for accepting our mistakes. Ultimately, teacher students are promoted to a higher class without proper judgment. Regretfully, our priorities aren’t pupils, but money, fame, illogical rules, and societal status.

6. Teachers have become educational Entrepreneurs

No one wants to sacrifice their future for the sake of underpaid teacher jobs. Thus, there isn’t much well-read teachers could select when it comes professional careers. Besides the US Education System is increasingly becoming dependent on the latest digital technologies like smartphones and explanatory tutorial videos.

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