5 Delicious Ideas To Use A Leftover Cake

leftover cake

How anyone on earth can have the leftover cake. We mean, cakes are such softest and most delicious creatures, how can you not eat them? However, on rare occasions, we can’t devour the whole cake. That leaves us thinking about what we can do with the leftover cake.  Rather than storing and refrigerating it, you can make fun recipes with it.  Here are a few ways to transform a delicious Designer Cake for Birthday into another dessert with added flavour and taste.  Let’s have a look at it. 

1. Cake Pops

Cake pops are the best dessert to try with the leftover cake. With the flavours, frosting that you might get with the leftover offers flavours for one beautiful dessert. These are undoubtedly the cutest things to make with a leftover cake that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially kids. To make cake pops, crumble cake with cream cheese and buttercream, which makes it a moldable & malleable mix. You could crumble all the leftover cake mix into little balls. Then coat these with chocolate coating or candies. This coating seals moisture, which gives a new flavor to the pops.  While making the mix, look if the cake has any frosting. If it got, don’t include additional till you break it to crumbs.

You can also make cake balls with it. The only difference between cake pops and cake balls is that pops are mounted over lolly sticks. Cake balls are made into a ball shape. After shaping the balls,  dip balls in melted chocolate, and coat them using rose petals,  nuts,  chocolate stripes, and more. If you could, pipe design over top of the cake.

2. Cake Shake

Wanting to drink the cake sounds weird. But trust me it’s so yummy. If you are someone who loves cake then this can be your fav go-to option.  Cake shakes are another fantastic idea to make the ultimate dessert with the leftover cake.  Give the leftover cake a swirl using a blender. Add milk, cookies,  ice cream, or flavors to it. 

 Cake shakes are delicious and thoughtful to finish the leftover cake. It just takes 5 mins to make this cake.  After that,  you will be treated with creamy and cakey milkshakes. Make sure to include frosting and cake, to get maximum flavor if you like it to be rich. 

3. Trifle

Cake Trifle is another incredible and underrated dessert. It’s delicious to make whenever you have leftover cakes. Use them to make a trifle that can please everyone in your family. 

The dry cake is best for this dessert. Because dry cake is known to absorb the flavor and moisture of the different ingredients.  Trifles can be complicated to make, however, all the trifles are made neatly with fruit layering, crumbled cake, and more. While serving, every one of the textures and flavors melds to bring a memorable dessert

Combine the leftover cake with delicious layers of whipped cream, custard, fresh fruits, and more. It might not work with more frosted cakes, however, you could match the ingredients to the cake you make. For instance, a chocolate cake can be matched with the chocolate mousse, with a topping of the whipped cream.

4. Change the leftover cake to another dessert 

Willing to change the appearance and flavors of the cakes to give them a trend touch. Then let’s give it a good touch-up.  Add layering,  fillings,  syrups,  fresh fruits, frosting, Jams, chocolate shavings, etc. That can change the cake to a fresh dessert. If you have leftover chocolate cupcakes,  slice them in the middle. Then fill these two layers with cream or top them with nuts, and strawberries or sprinkle some ganache or sugar.  How can anyone say no to these?. This can be a better option than a normal chocolate cupcake.

You could utilise cake crumbs to make cookies or make a crust for fresh fruits and no-bake cheesecakes. These cake crumbs can also be mixed with butter, spread along the sides and bottom of the tin then refrigerated.  These add variation to the cheesecakes or can be dressed on the cake sides.

5. Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is tasty, dense, and sweet to use bread. However we are not going to use bread, yes it’s using cake. The various textures and flavors made this simple treat something special. If the cake has more texture, chop the cake into crumbs then toast it.  Mixing it can lose the cake texture, so don’t do it. This is the best way to use the cake scraps too. Typically,  Leftover cake bread pudding can taste better with less delicate cakes. Such as a carrot cake, fruit cake or a pound cake. Because no one wants the cake to worsen fully after adding eggs, sugar, and milk.


One should remember that the cake should be clean, and stored in safe conditions. Rather than leaving the leftover cake on the counter, it should be placed in the fridge.  Before making something with leftovers,  make sure about the flavour that you get after you make the leftovers. Think how the cake flavours can match with dessert. Place the fresh Leftover cakes in a basket then offer them to a friend or a neighbour.  

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