5 Institutes That Offer Training in Baking and Preparing Food Items

training in baking and preparing food items

Advance your training in baking and preparing food items with these institutes

There’s no doubt that after receiving training in baking and preparing food items, there will be various job opportunities for you to try your hands on. 

But what does a typical day in the life of a kitchen worker or a bakery chef demand? It frequently necessitates early morning work that goes on till the day’s end. 

Basically, it is not a 9 – 5 job, which makes it more interesting. However, not everyone who receives this training works in the same place. 

Some of them work in restaurants and hotels and even start their own businesses.

These institutes that we will be listing in this blog provide culinary training programs that prepare students for careers in the food service industry. 

They teach basic professional cooking abilities through immersive courses that involve hands-on classroom training and a post-training internship program. 

After undergoing the internship program, students receive real-world professional experience and have more significant work experience. 

Students can choose internships in various divisions of the hospitality industry based on their interests.

In this blog, we will list five of the best institutes that offer training in baking and preparing food items so that you do not have to pressure yourself to search for the one that best suits your preference. 

With institutes such as WISE (Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing), it is sure that you will gain the skills and experience that you need in the industry.

  1. WISE (Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing)

A place where training in baking and preparing food items is offered professionally

WISE offers the EHL (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland) Vocational Education & Training (VET) program. 

It allows students to implement Swiss hospitality training and education here in Bhutan. 

Thereby addressing two of the most pressing challenges that tourism-developing countries face today: training qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment growth in service sectors.

After the training in baking and preparing food items or any other training you have received from the Institute, they will provide Internship opportunities within and outside Bhutan. 

You will be placed in some of the renowned hospitality industries that will provide you will professional skills and work experience to put yourself in the job market.

  1. RITH (Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality)

Training in baking and preparing food items provided by RITH

The Royal Institute for Tourist and Hospitality is a tourism and hotel management institute supported jointly by the Austrian and Bhutanese governments offering training in baking and preparing food items

It is located on one of Thimphu’s most beautiful campuses and boasts a lovely and peaceful setting conducive to learning. 

It provides cutting-edge facilities and strives to be the region’s center of excellence for tourism and hospitality studies.

It has cutting-edge technology comparable to that of any other western institute. 

All of the buildings are connected to a central heating system, and with the operation of its own power station, the best practices of sustainable energy use are implemented. 

The Institute is also proud of its own waste management facility. Their academic programs are designed to educate students for a future in a field that continues to flourish worldwide.

A National Diploma 2 certificate from the Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality is the first step toward a career in tourism and hospitality in Bhutan and around the world.

  1. NLD Training Institute

Equipping students with the right mindset and skills 

The NLD Training Institute’s primary goal is to teach essential skills to aspiring students so that they can be hired for a variety of hospitality-related jobs. 

They try to improve student performance by incorporating best practices/methodologies into their training plans. 

You will become a team of skilled workers for the economy’s balanced and smooth expansion if you receive training in baking and preparing food items from NLD Training Institute. 

They have a lot to offer, one of which is the idea of constantly updating and equipping an individual with technological advancements in the workplace.

  1. BIHT (Bongde Institute of Hospitality and Tourism)

Training in baking and preparing food items offered by Bongde Institute in Paro

The foundation’s unique approach to hospitality training is designed to address the needs of all stakeholders. 

The Institute empowers unemployed youth with hospitality skills and strengthens the country’s hospitality sector through the supply of highly skilled youth from BIHT.

The foundation has spent a significant amount of money to meet the current needs of tourists and to provide a suitable environment for the trainees to avail training in baking and preparing food items

The Bhutan Learning Exchange Foundation continues to support the Institute in various ways, including providing free scholarships for trainees and funds to purchase necessary resources.

They have streamlined the management system to ensure excellent training delivery and increased enrolment to provide more employment opportunities and meet the BLEF (Bhutan Learning Exchange Foundation) expectations.

  1. BITH (Bhutan Institute of Tourism and Hospitality)

Be a skilled culinary professional from BITH

The Institute was established to meet the demands for skilled personnel in the global hospitality and tourist industry by providing high-quality vocational education that satisfies international standards. 

The Institute offers intensive and comprehensive training in baking and preparing food items that combine practical and academic modules to prepare a student to be job-ready when they graduate.

They provide international educational standards to give learners the information, technical, and practical skills required for hospitality career prospects in Bhutan and abroad. 

The courses include commercial cooking, general hospitality modules, and related soft skills to advance their tourism and hospitality careers.

Advance Your Culinary Career With WISE

Advance your training in baking and preparing food items with WISE

Becoming a chef is not something that happens by accident; it is a career path that demands planning. 

Chefs have worked in various settings, from small to large, informal to fine dining, for many hours. 

Working at a range of events and venues provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the organization and planning required to stage a successful event. 

To become a seasoned chef, you must arrange your career around the types of experiences you’ll need to round out your education. 

These experiences develop into supervisory areas such as purchasing, menu planning, scheduling, and training, beginning with fundamental food preparation and working all kitchen stations. 

WISE (Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing) provides all of this culinary professional training

They use immersive teaching methods and provide hands-on training on campus, and will prepare you to be job-ready.

WISE Will Prepare You To Be Job-ready

WISE will bring out the best in you

The more you receive training in baking and preparing food items, the more marketable you will become. 

Chefs must plan menus, manage kitchen food and labor expenses, establish and implement policies and procedures, and hire and train personnel. 

Training will allow you to be more efficient while performing your duties.

WISE prepares its students to approach the culinary profession with a balanced perspective. 

They improve sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, which are all important in food production. 

A student’s curiosity for how things taste and a willingness to explore new meals and flavor combinations will make them professionals in the field.

Accelerate your skills and knowledge in culinary arts taught at Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancing. 


The wait is over; now it is time to learn and cook professionally, with these institutes offering training in baking and preparing food items

They can help you build a firm foundation in culinary arts to cook and bake like professionals. 

Many failures can be avoided by studying this art of culinary science. When creativity and improvisation are implemented based on knowledge and expertise, they enable you to deal with difficult situations and produce excellent results.

There are numerous job prospects in the culinary area, including those directly related to cooking and baking, such as restaurants, catering, or healthcare, and those indirectly related, such as teaching, training, and sales. 

Make your dream a reality; join  WISE – Wangchuk Institute for Skills Enhancement) today!