The Definitive Jersey Hijab Style Guide


Technically, the word ‘scarf’ itself means ‘hijab’ or ‘hiding’ and refers to the principles of comfort and modesty. The scarf does not in any way represent a headscarf itself. Women wear the Hijab to fulfill their fashion statement, complement their outfits, keep warm in cold weather, and protect their modesty. When you are purchasing hijabs online, many women feel uncertain because they cannot distinguish the quality or weight of the material. We understand the disarray and want to make your online shopping experience feel as satisfied and secure as you feel while shopping in a retail store. 

The jersey scarf is a famous go-to amongst many scarf types, and it’s no surprise why! Jersey is the one scarf fabric that wears well during all weathers & with no need for safety pins or an under-scarf, wearing a jersey fabric, you don’t have to worry about your scarf slipping away with every step you take. It is the wisest investment to make in your closet. Jersey fabric has a beautiful drape as it falls elegantly onto your head and stays fixated without any effort. In the summers, jersey wicks in the majority of the dampness, keeping your skull cool in the day, while during the cold weather, it sticks onto your body and keeps you warm no matter how strong the breeze is blowing your way. They are appropriate for all face shapes because of their flexible material.

Jersey material is light to medium weight with a natural stretch, letting it hold its shape while driving it adjustable on your face. Due to its low-maintenance qualities, this multipurpose jersey hijab is a right fit for all your daily requirements. It can be wrapped up or down, relying on what you have moving on. It is an ideal option for an intense workout too. Jersey Hijabs come in a vast collection of colors complementing every skin tone. This Hijab also works wonders when attempting to accomplish a layered look. Their versatility will make you buy it multiple times to want many versions & colors of it in your wardrobe.

Jersey – Summer Friendly Scarf to Wear This Summer

Summer-friendly scarves are effortlessly available on the internet. Besides, with a few minutes of browsing the internet, you’ll find a collection of summer-friendly wraps that won’t make you feel light-headed with the heat. The major problem is looking for styles that work for hot weather. Since scarves cover your head, they can become uncomfortable and suffocating during summer. The best option is to look for hijab material during summer is jersey, as this helps soak sweat. Avoid silk materials because of sweating; they will fall off your head and look unappealing. 

Another alternative is to wear an under cap or a cotton bandana; this route, you can still wear silk or similar material, and the scarf will not slip off your head. It’s best to regard color. A dimmer color like black or navy blue will sponge the heat. Instead, try colors like pink, yellow, grey, or beige this will help keep you calm.

Which Is Better – Jersey Scarf or Chiffon Scarf?

 The practice of carrying a scarf highlights a woman’s genuine beauty. The jersey scarf is usually blended with cotton to create a rugged yet light, arity, and breathable fabric that women can carry around easily during hot weather. The jersey is an ideal choice for summer clothes as the fabric won’t weigh the wearer down and is also positively stretchable. 

This means jersey fabric can be functioned in most clothing designs & fabrics and offer exceptional levels of coziness and comfort. Actually, that’s everything you must-have for summer loungewear. While encrypting the online scarf shopping experience, Poshnluxe is here to help you recognize their two most famous and standard scarf fabrics: jersey and chiffon. Distinct from each other, they both carry numerous advantages.

Jersey Hijabs

Jersey hijabs are a universal product that is best to utilize on different occasions. Take a look at some of the advantages of investing in Jersey scarves. This type of scarf is a favorite of every working lady. Indeed, a jersey is a super stretchable fabric, comfortable, and easy to wear. Further, wearing a jersey doesn’t need extra pins as it stays in place all day without falling off your head. It is best for women living in freezing regions. Make space for jersey hijabs in your closet for cold seasons.

● Flexible Fabric -Jersey material is known for its natural flexibility. This makes it ideal for those women looking for a hijab that fits numerous uses. The stretch ability helps maintain and retain its genuine shape and helps to experiment with different outfit styles

● Airy fabric -though lightweight, the jersey is a breathable material that bleeds comfort. This is a gift if you spend most of your time outdoors or live in a hot reign. It also absorbs moistness such as sweat and keeps you calm, making it a relaxing fabric to own.

● It is a versatile material -Another bonus of buying a jersey scarf is that it fits multiple purposes. From office use to workouts to gatherings, the jersey is practical, firm, and adjusted as per your requirements.

● There is no need for hijab pins -Lastly, a Jersey scarf does not demand extra pins. However, it stays in place and will look amazing on its own of any color or pattern. If you despise using pins day-to-day, a jersey scarf is a fantastic creation for you.

2.  Chiffon Hijabs

Chiffon is a gorgeous fabric that delivers an elegant feel. Chiffon hijabs offer some significant advantages to consider, making them useful for those on the watch for something comfy for a special formal. 

● Chiffon is appropriate for fancy occasions- Even though chiffon scarves can be modeled every day, they are mostly secured for special nights such as family gatherings and weddings. A free-flowing material, you can either keep it explicit or tuck it at your preference. Chiffon will make your outfit stand out and make you shine as part of the gathering while preserving your elegance and modesty.

● Pair chiffon with under scarves -Chiffon hijabs are extra flexible by nature. They also add a polished feel and can be paired with your underscarf of a suitable color. Try different color shades that compliment your outfit for those who want contrasting shades.

● Pair chiffon with beautiful designer pins -compliment your chiffon scarves with jeweled brooches or clips that will further improve your look. For those who feel that scarf pins can give you a feeling of self-expression, chiffon is the most suitable material to pair it with.

● Chiffon is lightweight -It is an airy, flowy smooth, and flexible material. It is breathable, making chiffon a good choice in hot weather or a small gathering with many people. The breathable design of the material makes it comfy to carry and trend for any fancy event.

● Chiffon is a steady fabric -Though many women consider chiffon as slick due to its lightweight material, they are nonslip. This will be advantageous when you feel the necessity for extra security, knowing that your Hijab does not need any adjustments, especially on a family occasion. It helps in controlling pin use minimal.