The ultimate guide for Creative Entrepreneurship

Creative entrepreneurship has innovation bound to its nook and crooks. It is designed to carefully meet the needs of entrepreneurial, knowledge-based and innovation-driven global economies. We are here to provide you with an overview of MA creative entrepreneurship and what you can get out of this qualification. 

Employers, nowadays, are increasingly looking to recruit creative and enterprising individuals. The course explores the business processes and related strategies that promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in various work settings. Besides honing the ability to lead companies through innovative change, earning this degree will also make you eligible for applying to strategic roles within the public and private sectors. Read on to find out more.

Who is this course for?

The course will assist you in making strong connections with the experienced and entrepreneurs industry. It offers a setting to engage in real projects and start a business with regional stakeholders. The course adds benefits to your academic career based on the links with corporate organisations that promote entrepreneurial activity.

This postgraduate entrepreneurial education will prepare students to start their business. To support entrepreneurial activity among the student body we include researches on ubiquitous computing, human-computer interaction, and digital creative practice.

If you intend to seek innovative, creative and entrepreneurial roles, such as management, business support, innovation consultancy and product development, then this course is for you. 

Skills and abilities acquired throughout the course?

  • Identify the fundamental features of entrepreneurship and business development; 
  • Meet the leadership requirements for leading organisational transformations and developing new enterprises;
  • Analyse and understand strategies and business processes that promote creativity and innovation in organisations
  • Adopt  strategic responsibilities in international brands;
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required for promoting workplace culture through innovation;
  • Develop an appreciation of developments and the management of intellectual property rights, within a strategic framework.

What is the learning outcome?

This Master’s degree offers you a supportive teaching and learning environment, as well as a stimulating curriculum. After completing this course, you will learn to:

  • Lead organisations through a wave of innovation;
  • Obtain positions requiring strategic thinking within the public and private sectors;
  • Plan and implement case studies to a professional standard;
  • Demonstrate profeciency at analysis, strategy, and critical thinking;
  • Deploy professional communication skills – including oral, written and presentation skills.

Our world-class academic service reflects the investments we make for prospective candidates through providing ꟷ innovative programmes, a high-quality teaching and learning community and active engagement with industry.

This postgraduate degree provides more than just an entrepreneurial education for graduates. It is well-suited for candidates interested in creating and managing businesses or practising freelance in creative sectors. Apply to a programme today to grab the opportunity that you have been looking for!