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The TOK Writing Service will help you improve your score on all essay-related tasks. Especially the TOK essay is challenging for most students. You can solve the mystery of TOK by improving your writing skills. This service will help you get good grades on your essay. As you know, writing skills are essential to complete essay-related tasks. IB Tok tutor always gives you the best opportunity to improve your writing skills. However, if you need help to improve your writing skills, you should use the IB Tok writing service. They teach you to develop good writing skills right from the start.

How to improve yourself 

Changing Your Behaviour Will Help

Use related learning concepts. If possible, try to study the same subjects simultaneously and in the same place every day. When you reach that time and place, you automatically enter the Groove theme. If you teach your brain to think about math based on time and place, your child doesn’t need ten minutes a day to be in the mood for math. Not only does this save you the time and mental energy you spend preparing for things like math, but it also helps you remember what you’ve learned better. After studying, do what you want to do (watch TV, go to a party, etc.) and get your body moving. Experts know that positively reinforcing a behaviour (such as learning) increases its frequency and duration.

Do not study for more than one hour at a time without taking a break, you shouldn’t spend more than 20-30 minutes at a time memorising. Therefore, it is necessary to shorten the study time. First, if you have time, use it wisely. Did you notice how much you studied the day before a big exam? That’s why it’s called cramming.

Improve Your Writing Skills 

Writing skills are important to you. IB tok writing service will always improve your writing skills and help you improve yourself. IBs say that writing clears your head. Have you ever wanted to say something? Well, writing can help with that. Write down your thoughts, complaints, questions, fantasies, or anything else that comes to mind. Just write without thinking about how it will look on paper or a computer screen. The result may look pretty messy, but that’s not the point.

So that you can go about your day with a clear head, work, solve problems, and just enjoy life. No matter what your job is, it’s easier to focus when you don’t have distractions in your head.

Always Take A Short Break Between The Study

Second, psychologists say short runs are the best way to learn. Research shows that four one-hour sessions spread over four days can teach you as much as a six-hour marathon session in one day. That’s because between sleep, meals, reading novels, and other studies, your mind subconsciously works to process what you’ve learned. It counts as study time. Remember that by memorizing formulas, foreign languages, names, and dates you can achieve real learning much faster than reading social science texts or English essays.

Experts say a 10-minute break every hour works best for him. Some good students study for 45 minutes to an hour and take a 5-10 minute break. A break is considered a reward and improves her performance in the next hour of study. Dr Walter Polk, former director of the Center for Reading and Learning at Cornell University, recommends taking this short break whenever you feel it’s necessary. That way you don’t have to waste time checking your watch or getting ready for a break. Another technique he uses to keep his head from getting bogged down while studying is to start with the most difficult or unpopular subjects and focus on the easiest or most enjoyable ones. The reward for your least favourite study, or the hardest study, is studying the subjects you enjoy the most. Try it; it works.


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IB Good suggestions from your instructor will always help you. The best way to promote growth.