Top Tips To Consider For Decorating Your Home In Hamptons Style

home in hamptons style

Hampton’s style homes are all the rage these days and more and more people are trying to put up that décor style in their interiors. However, many of them fail to achieve a perfect décor in that style for one reason or another. So, if you have also faced the same situation, here we have a few tips for you to consider while decorating your home in this unique style. 

1. Implement The Style Throughout Your Home

What many people often overlook when trying to impart a Hampton’s style into their homes is not implementing it right throughout. Yes, you have to create that style right throughout the home or you should simply avoid that look altogether. It’s not about creating the Hampton’s theme in the living space while leaving the rest of your home to another décor style. This particular décor style can help you create a timeless look right throughout your home and represent some classy sophistication. So, it’s better avoid combining it with various other décor styles. 

2. Go For High End Stuff Only

Hampton’s style is from the elite class and, therefore, if you want to create that look and feel in your home then you should better go with most high end stuff. 

3. Add A Dramatic Entrance

A dramatic entrance can always make a great focal point and it can create a lasting impression on the visitors. For a perfect Hampton’s look, you can go with some cool staircase or double the volume of your entrance hall adding massive pendant lights to it. Adding small tables featuring some fresh flowers in huge bunches will create a win-win for sure. 

4. Bring Hampton’s Style To Kitchen

Kitchens can also make great focal points in the Hampton’s homes. They can even help define the entire style of your home. In addition, creating a perfectly Hampton’s kitchen isn’t going to be too hard for you as you only need a few style elements for that like shaker doors, crisp and beautiful white finishes, white colored subway tiles, and some glass pendants. 

5. Bring Sophistication To Your Walls And Floors 

There are a few things you can do for bringing some sophistication to your walls and floors. First and foremost, try sticking only to the white walls as much as you can. You can also add some character to your spaces with wall panelling in white. As far as the flooring is concerned, go with timber floors as they look great in white washed or chocolate brown colors. Adding natural rugs like jute or sisal would be a great idea too. When it comes to curtains, dramatic and neutral ones would make your home look truly Hampton’s. It may also be a good idea to go with white sheer curtains or plantations shutters. 

6. Furniture And Accessories

When decorating your home in Hampton’s style, make sure you don’t overlook the furniture and accessories either. For instance, linen upholstery is a must-have for any Hampton’s home. Furthermore, you can always add some cane or wicker elements as well while making sure that you go with high-end pieces only as wicker may start looking worn and cheap pretty quickly if you fail to choose the best products around. 

It is always a good idea to mix new furniture pieces with the old ones to create a more classy balance. Keep the timber furniture classic and freshly painted so that it maintains its timeless vibe. This one can be a real money-saver if you’re keen at choosing second-hand furniture pieces. Some accessories like the driftwood, glass jars, and a few shells can always be a great choice. Just choose high-end stuff here as well to keep things looking perfect. 

So, when you are decorating your home in Hampton’s style, make sure that you do not feel too overwhelmed. Keep in mind that the Hampton’s décor doesn’t really mean that you should be overspending, rather it means that you should take a careful approach with the selection of items to add meaning and flair to your spaces. It’s really important to go with some proper planning and you’d be better off if you’re going to start with a clean slate. Try your luck and create an impressive home!

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