How to Decor Christmas Boxes in Best ways?

Christmas Boxes

The decor is an intertwining component of Christmas day. People decorate their houses as well as give lovely gifts to their loved ones. The exchange of gifts on Eve and Thanksgiving is an obvious yet special gesture. To make these events more memorable, people show passion for creating marvellous packaging designs for the gift boxes. Besides foodstuff, give and take of gifts leave long-lasting memories. To ensure reliability and beautiful packaging, people get customized boxes either from retailers or make them on their own. The addition of personalization brings more charm to Christmas boxes. Are you confused about how to design and decorate gift boxes for your special ones? Do you want to decor your gift packaging with new and innovative ideas? Here are some ideas that might help you to decor your gift boxes in whatever way you want.

Inside Decor:

Cardboard or Kraft Inserts:

Do you want to assemble various mini gifts in a single box? You can easily do this by making sections into the box. It is also a great way of bringing uniqueness to design. The separate inserts give the gifts a grip due to which they remain intact. This type of packaging can be even more fascinating by designing it in various styles. You can choose multi-colour strains for boxes or let the boxes be simple and nice.

Wrapping Paper:

Give your gift a well-disciplined and decent look by wrapping it in a paper sheet. The paper sheet you use may be a transparent paper sheet or tissue-like paper. You can customize these wrapping sheets by embossing prints on them. Using paper sheets inside to wrap gifts has successfully replaced the trend of using wrapping sheets outside.

Inside Printing:

Using prints on the inside of the box makes the unboxing experience even more surprising. The prints inside can be chosen based on the overall theme of the gift. As the gift is for Christmas, use different colour strains like green and red. Also, you can choose prints related to Christmas things like a print of a Christmas tree.

Paper Shredding:

Place mini pieces of coloured sheets inside the gift and then place your gift on it. The paper shreds of wood wool make the inside of the box prettier and attractive. You can go for other options too. For instance, you can shred mini paper flowers inside your gift. It will add to your surprise when a person unboxes the gift; he will get a gift shredded by mini paper flowers.

Use Text or Quote:

Express your feelings or love by adding a text. For this purpose, digital printing is beneficial as you can easily choose the design for your text. You can also write a small quotation with kind words and make your gift more unforgettable.

Outside Decor:

Printing and Embossing:

A great way to make a good impression of your packaging is to emboss different prints. Embossing is a unique method of printing. It manifests a 3D effect on the box, which makes it more artistic. Use different Christmas based embossing prints to enhance the beauty of your box. Also, the companies can add logo design to the box by following this technique.


Stamping is another technique of decorating your proficient gift. Hot stamping includes the lamination of glittery foil. The glow that lamination produces will make it more vibrant.  Hot stamping is the method to stamp logo design, name, or other texts for packaging. This type of packaging can be used for gift bags or boxes.


The stickers enhance attractiveness when choosing wisely. The variety of stickers varies from one age group to another. For example, for adults, the stickers should not be funky and childish.

Use Christmas Ornaments:

Christmas ornaments like jingle bells can be used on the surface of the packed box. It will make a direct connection with the event and will enhance the beauty of the gift.

Use Ribbons and Twines:

Last but not least, use silky ribbons to wrap your gift box. You can select a ribbon by comparing the colour of the overall box. Make your packaging simple and aesthetic by using simple craft paper, and wrap it with twine.


Design your gift boxes for Christmas efficiently. Use different ideas of decor and make your special events more memorable. 

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