How To Create A Perfect Medical Study Schedule In 2023

medical study schedule

To become a doctor is not an easy journey. You are obliged to manage a lot of things during this time.

It’s a long path and you will surely be exhausted along the way. It will be very hard for you if you haven’t made any time table yet.

It is necessary for you to make a medical study schedule to perform well in exams like USMLE step 1 and USMLE step 2 CK exam. 

You have to balance your work life, daily life and health and studies at the same time to lead a healthier lifestyle.

So here are some tips to follow on how to make a study table for medical school studies.


  • Reasons to get a study schedule
  • How to make a study table
  • Utilize online tools
  • Revise in the morning
  • Take small breaks
  • Set realistic study goals
  • Pay attention to your health
  • Conclusion

1. Reason to make a study schedule:

It is not a big secret that medical courses are tough and have complex and elaborate subject materials to cover.

There is no short way to success. You should accept the fact that it’s a long way and you have to be patient enough to go through it.

While preparing for med school you must have thought about the journey you are going to have. Now, this is the time. So stick to your goals.

To become a physician you need to focus on your time management skill, dedication level, studying habits and proficient study techniques.

These things will come by when you start to follow a medical study table which you will be preparing applying following tips.

2. How to make a study table:

There is no particular type of study schedule to prepare a student for a medical career.

Everyone is unique and everyone has different habits, lifestyle, priorities, mindset and skill. So you have to make your own idea which works best for you.

You have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses according to your grasp of knowledge regarding different subjects.

If you are weak in MCQs, then prioritize it in your time table. Likewise, if you waek in biochemistry, give it more time.

Do not neglect your weak subjects. Study them more and overcome your fears.

3. Utilize online tools:

Reading from fat textbooks can make you tired and exhausted. In this digital era you should take advantage of modern technology. It will be fun to learn too.

You can download some free online study tools and accelerate the study process. Some study tools like brainscape, anki, akland anatomy, amboss etc are very popular among students as well as professionals.

You can pace up your studies in the form of videos, animation, flashcards,  reminders through these apps.

4. Revise in the morning:

Morning is the most stress-free and peaceful time of the day. Not everyone is a morning person.

If you have a good habit of waking up early, then you should utilize it on morni9ng studies.

Give a pre-cap to what you have learned in the previous day. This will be stored in your memory for a long time and help you with your exam time.

After a long night of sleep, the brain wakes up fresh and grasps easily whatever you study.

You can consider it as a warm-up exercise for making you prepared for your whole day medical study schedule.

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5. Take small breaks:

If you are doing some hard work without any breaks, you will burn out and lose your interest in that work eventually.

So to work more efficiently, it is necessary to take small breaks in between.

Likewise, while studying your brain needs small breaks to function properly. You can have small breaks in the form of a small walk, short nap, snack break or talking to your loved ones.

These breaks are proven to increase brain productivity.

6. Set a realistic schedule:

While making the medical study table, you will be over-enthusiastic and focus on achieving your goals as soon as possible.

But this will exhaust you in a while. You cannot outrun your energy level. So first recognize your capacity, set  realistic study goals for everyday schedules.

Then follow them properly without being in a hurry.

7. Pay attention to your health:

While securing their future, a lot of students forget to take care of their health. This may cause them to write in adult life.

So it is necessary to take care of your mental as well physical health while making a future as a doctor.

You should make room for extracurricular activities like sports, meditation, outing with friends, maintaining a hobby in your medical study schedule.


It is hard to lead a normal life if you have chosen medical as your professional career. It is not easy to achieve this goal as it needs a lot of hard work and patience.

You definitely need a study schedule to work efficiently without getting frustrated. Believe in your goals and aim for your destination. Follow the given tips to make a perfect time table.MedSmarter helps Medical Students pass their USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 CK Exams and provide Live and Live Online Review Courses as well as 1:1 Tutoring.