Clearing the doubts of medical students regarding MBBS Abroad

medical students

The students are worried about their careers and career options. Having a great career needs great responsibilities on the shoulders of the students. The students could complete their career needs by grabbing knowledge from well-reputed colleges and universities. Medical courses are the most tedious courses for students from all parts of the World. The vast learning needs certain factors to have a successful career for the students. Some of the most important countries for MBBS Abroad include Phillipines and Georgia. 

MBBS in Georgia and Phillipines are known for providing the best quality education in the country. The country also has majorly the best educational needs which are required by medical students. The mentioned countries are the best option to provide great education, recognised courses and even great faculties who can look for the students to be the best. Thus for a medical aspirant to choose to study MBBS in Phillipines and Georgia could be a beneficial factor for the students. The country with the doubts and benefits have been mentioned below.

About Georgia

This country is situated at the intersection of Asia and Europe. As the country has attracted many students from all over the World as it has a whole different culture than the other country. Georgia comes under the European province then students are well-known for their education in the country. MBBS in Georgia has a beneficial feature in terms of student-to-teacher ratio. The student-to-teacher proportion for the country is 15:1 average classroom in the country. Georgia has also more than 10,000 medical admissions in the country. Some of the countries for MBBS in Georgia are Alte University, Georgian American University, Ilia State University Georgia and Georgia National University SEU. Even though the country has Georgian as its local language it is much known for its English language of methodology. 

About the Philippines

Philippines is located in south-east Asia. The country has major recommendations regarding the medical study in the country. The Philippines is known for its quality education, great faculty and even climate. A country which is known for its culture to be spread over the World. Even having Philippino as its local language, the main focus is on the English methodology. Study MBBS in Phillipines is also life-changing cause it provides a different level of education in comparison to other countries. 

Benefits of medical courses Abroad

The medical courses abroad have many benefits and out-throw the Indian Medical Education to the fullest. Some of the benefits have been discussed below – 


As both of the mentioned countries have different languages than one other, the main focus is on the English language keeping international students in mind. It is beneficial to the students if they learn the local language which will help them in the internship. 


The recognition of medical courses have been given to the major organizations in the World namely WHO(World Health Organization), NMC(National Medical Education) and FAIMER(Foundation of Advancement for International Medical Education and Research). The internship is also recognised by major hospitals in Europe and Asia. Students don’t need to worry about the recognition of medical courses in India. Thus study MBBS in Phillipines and Georgia is one of the best options for medical students. 

Experienced Instructors

The varsities of both countries had scholars and experienced instructors who teach the students to the fullest. While teaching the students they give in-depth knowledge to them which will help to solve even the most challenging cases. 


The duration of the course is usually 5 years and also includes 1 year of internship for the students. 5 years of the internship includes 10 semesters in total. Practical learning usually starts in the third semester. 

Living Standard

The living standard is also great for the students. Having a home-like environment could be one of the best suitable things. The living standard needs few benefits such as basic accommodation, security in the hostel and even good Indian food. These will be provided to the fullest to every student there. Thus MBBS in Georgia and Philippines are majorly the best educational countries in terms of living for the tutees. 

Best universities in the Philippines

Some of the best medical colleges in Philippines include AMA College of Medicine, Davao Medical School Foundation, Bicol Christian College of Medicine, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Lyceum Northwestern University & University of Perpetual Help System DALTA

The cost of mentioned universities

Philippines MBBS fees for universities have been discussed below – 

  • AMA College of Medicine – 16,25,000 INR
  • Davao Medical School Foundation – 20,50,000 INR
  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine – 22,34,485 INR
  • Emilio Aguinaldo College – 23,83,000 INR 
  • Lyceum Northwestern University – 16,25,000 INR
  • University of Perpetual Help System DALTA – 22,44,270 INR