What could be the benefits of studying medical courses at Georgia?

medical courses at georgia

As medical courses from abroad include many benefits for medical students. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Surgery. Study mbbs in Georgia is one of the best destinations to pursue a medical career. Discussing more medical studies in Georgia has greater benefits for medical aspirants from all over the World. Georgia though has many educational benefits from having such educational needs. The education facility includes benefits such as quality education, recognition of the courses and the language of the course. The low cost of tuition fees is also beneficial to the students to a great extent. 

Major myths about MBBS Abroad?

MBBS Abroad has one of the best educational needs for students as compared to MBBS in India. Although MBBS Abroad has many myths in the minds of students and guardians. 

  • A major myth includes the high cost of tuition fees for the students. High-tuition fees are meant for students from all over the World. But in truth the tuition fee for medical aspirants is low and the universities also provide many other scholarships available to the students. MBBS in Georgia fee is low for medical students.
  • Another myth also includes the different country cultures might affect the comfortability of the students. The compatibility also includes major benefits for the students to provide major cultural benefits. The students can exchange cross-cultural benefits with applicants from many other parts of the World. Thus MBBS admission in Georgia is majorly an advantage for the students.

A little about Georgia

The country is situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia. As the country is a hub of medical aspirants from all parts of the World. Numerous applicants from all over the World gather there to form a great education needs for the students. Students can exchange cultural information thus gathering more information about the cultures of different countries. MBBS in Georgia has many benefits such as having great educational needs for the students. The MBBS Georgia also benefits from the student-to-teacher ratio of the students. The student-to-teacher ratio is usually 15:1 for each classroom. 

The benefits of medical studies

MBBS in Abroad include a wide range of opportunities as they have great living in the country. The country has many other benefits for the students.


Even though Georgia has Georgian as its local language the college is much more focused on the English language. As the English language is much beneficial for students from all parts of the country. 


As the recognition of the MBBS in Georgia is done by many organizations in the country. As the country has many benefits for the students it includes many benefits regarding education. The course had been accredited by various organizations such as WHO(World Health Organization), FAIMER(Foundation of Advancement for Medical and Educational Research) and NMC(National Medical Commission). 


The duration of study MBBS in Georgia includes 5 years of the course and 1 year of internship. Internship helps the students to get practical learning for the students. 

Standard of Living

The standard of living is also focused on the students. Thus students need a home-like environment, the educational council will provide benefits such as basic accommodation, security and other benefits too.

Low-Cost Tuition

MBBS in Georgia fees is quite low for medical students. The tuition fee is also beneficial for the students from their best. Education cost ranges from 4000$-7000$ per year to 5 years.

Documents required

The documents required for MBBS admission in Georgia include

  • NEET Scorecard
  • 12th Transcripts
  • 10th Transcripts
  • 2 passport size photographs 
  • Original passport photocopy
  • Medical Certificate
  • Financial Proof


There are few requirements regarding the admission for MBBS in Georgia

  • There is a minimum requirement of 50% required in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • The applicants must have NEET Scorecard as instead of English Proficiency Test
  • Applicants must have 17 years of age till 31st of December. 

Some major universities in Georgia

Few universities in Georgia that provides quality education in the country. Universities have been named Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, East European University, Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy and New Vision University.