The safest and cost-effective Mass texting service providers.

cost-effective Mass texting service providers

We provide our customers with very easy and simple to use Mass texting services for all types of marketing, notifications, and promotional campaigns. Whereas our services are also best for strengthening online security measures and improving overall system efficiency. 

In order to safeguard and ensure privacy, we offer our texting services through encrypted HTTPS protocol only. Ultimately guarantying you a much safer and secure channel for communication. 

Furthermore, we are a pay as you go service with the easy to use “SMS gateway” available in the market meaning you only pay according to your use. 

Similarly, our customer support team is available 24/7 throughout to help you with everything. You can reach them for free and enquire about anything.

Continue reading below to find out some of the exclusive uses of this service.

For marketing & promotions

Using Mass texting or Bulk texting services you can reach out to hundreds and thousands of individuals within minutes and inform them about your upcoming sales and promotional offers. 

Texting as compared to other means has a much higher read rate just because it is simpler and doesn’t require an internet connection to be viewed.

For security & verifications 

You can use it to verify users before allowing them access to your sites or application by automatically texting them an OTP (one-time password). The user will have to enter an OTP in order to proceed.

This keeps your sites and applications protected from having to face various frauds and charge-backs.

Reminders & Notifications

Setting up and scheduling reminders directly through your system become’s easy. Using “texting service API” integrated into your system you can automatically notify people of upcoming meetings and events.

Thus, reducing loads of work and saving an enormous amount of time.

For quality customer support care

To provide better and faster customer support services through text messages. Using these services to communicate with the customers you can reduce your cost of operation and make the process easy for everybody.

Global reach on the lowest market rates

Through a single click of a button, you can send out tons of text messages all around the world and start interacting with people instantly. Texting as compared to other services is much faster and cost-effective.

And much more…!

The possibilities using text messages are limitless you can use them to generate and verify leads, or even for research purposes by texting and asking people to reply back to you with their feedback. 

Visit our page for further uses specific to your business and services. 

We offer you all…

As compared to other service providers in the market we guarantee our customers a quality service at the lowest market price. Along with our 24/7 free online customer support.

We give our customers the simplest to use “SMS gateway” or “SMS portal” having all the unique content management features to sort out messages automatically and make interactions easy and simple. 

So sign-up now for free without any card and get 125+ free texts to try out. 

Or talk to our free customer support for more queries.

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