Cool Solar Power Utilization Options

Cool Solar Power Utilization Options

Solar power generated from the sunlight through the solar power system, can be used for many purposes. Usually you hear about solar panels that are installed on the roof top and provide electricity which then you use for your daily needs with appliances etc. just like regular electricity. But can you imagine solar power that is easily accessible, flexible and even mobile? And by mobile we don’t mean the energy transportation but the production itself taking place while the base is mobile! We are talking cars and parking meters and street lights being powered by solar energy!

Solar panels that produce solar energy, don’t have to be huge and installed on rooftops of particular kinds of properties. Let’s talk about some of the examples.

Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Your mobile phone, charged with solar power! No longer had waiting by the power socket to get your phone charged! You can text, explore social media, send mails, talk on calls and do much more while lying on the grass of the garden while your phone keeps charging with a solar powered phone charger. The solar powered phone chargers have been in the market for a number of years now but due to the lack of their popularity, people don’t seem to utilise it nearly enough.

Solar Powered Grills

If you like grilling, you might want to be able to grill more and more without worrying about electricity bills. And that is possible with solar powered grills. Solar powered grills are simply energized with solar energy and it is just the same and just as effective so you don’t have to worry while making the decision of going solar.

Solar Powered Lantern for Activities at Night

You might be wondering how a lantern can be powered with solar energy? That too at night! It’s simple really. The solar powered lanterns absorb the sunlight during the day and then provide a really strong light at night. Usually the hikers and campers use the solar powered lanterns. These lanterns don’t need fire or kerosene which makes them safe to use. You can find these lanterns in the same shape and size as the traditional lanterns.

Solar Powered Table Lamp

Solar powered table lamps are a lot like solar powered lanterns. They also absorb sunlight during the day and then help the night owls and insomniacs read or do whatever they want with the shing bright light without having to use the electricity.

Solar Powered Lights

Solar powered lights are very well utilised across the globe. The solar panels of various sizes are installed right on top of the light pole or light source and the lights are powered with solar energy. You can get that for your own driveway or garage. Governments use them for street lights etc. Solar powered lights help the most towards the green future because the use of lights is a lot and when it is replaced with green energy that makes a huge difference.

You can get residential solar panel installation for your home but when it comes to cars or lamps or mobile phones that you want to charge outside and away from the house, these cool solar powered devices that are mobile can be at your rescue. Residential solar panels in Melbourne are useful for home appliances when installed, but that still requires you to be close to the power socket.

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