A Smart Approach for Converting EML to PDF Without Any Hurdle

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Overview/Summary: Organizations place a high value on communications and support services in the ever-changing world of technology. Security is equally vital as development, and it has always been the organization’s and its users’ top priority. The most dependable document file type under certain circumstances is PDF. As all of us know, PDF is a commonly used format since it makes it simple and safe to export critical data from one external device to another.

User Inquiries

Hi, I work with Windows Live Mail regularly. However, after working on it for a few days, it abruptly stopped. My pulse rate increased at that point since it included all of the customer project specifics, my testimonials, and a ton of other crucial information. I decided to store all of my Windows Live Mail files in a PDF document to create a backup copy of my WLM account. The issue is that I have no idea how to accomplish it. Please advise on the best way to convert every backup Windows Live Mail folder to a PDF file.

Convert all Windows Live Mail files and folders to PDF automatically.

There is no such direct method for converting Windows Live Mail to PDF. Therefore, using a third-party program like Softaken EML to PDF Converter is always advised. It is expertly built to convert WLM emails into PDF files, including precise attachments. Throughout the migration operation, the integrity of the data is safeguarded.

 With this utility, you can convert WLM bulk files into PDF documents that work with every supported Windows operating system version, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and more. Because of its straightforward and user-friendly instructions, users can use this program without worrying about their technical knowledge. To complete the migration procedure, no more applications need to be installed.

How does the Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter operate?

  • Run Softaken EML to PDF on any Windows computer by downloading and installing it.
  • Using the Add File or Add Folder option, choose the WLM folders.
  • Next, choose or remove files based on your requirements.
  • Select PDF under the Output Saving Option now.
  • Following your selection of the PDF option, you can choose the required sub-options and click the Convert button.
  • A green progress bar indicates that the conversion process is underway.
  • Finally, all of your Windows Live Mail emails and messages will now be converted to PDF files.

Closing Remarks

Now that you know how to do Windows Live Mail folder backups in PDF format, you can proceed with confidence. The first strategy we discussed is a free one, while the second is the most dependable and effective way to easily convert WLM to PDF. Other than that, you can download the software’s sample version to learn more about it. Users are free to import the first few WLM files into PDF format using this sample version of the software. Once the free sample version has fully satisfied customers, they can purchase the paid edition to convert WLM into an unlimited number of PDF folders.