The Complete Guide Of YouTube Advertisement For SMB’s

youtube advertisement

YouTube: Short Introduction

YouTube is undoubtedly an amazing free video sharing website that makes it easy to create and watch online videos. It is one of the most popular sites in the digital world after Google. YouTube is also considered as a social media platform because it allows everyone to access and share their opinion with all videos by replying, liking, sharing, and commenting on each video.

YouTube advertising

YouTube advertising is a way of advertising which helps to promote your brand on YouTube or search results. It will help you to maximize your brand reach and generate sales. These video ads appear before a user watches other videos or displays YouTube search results.

If you want to enhance brand awareness and drive website clicks, you can use YouTube advertising to go viral.

Benefits Of YouTube Advertising:

YouTube advertising is the best strategy of online marketing because it offers the most powerful solutions at all stages of your brand promotions. Here are few advantages of YouTube ads:

  • Outreach – YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform, and 2 billion people use this platform each day. Users spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the app. It is the world’s second larger search engine after google.
  • Low cost – YouTube allows marketers to set a weekly budget. You can also decide the maximum amount you’d like to pay per view through google Adwords.
  • Target audience – On YouTube, you have the ability to choose your target audience and decide who sees your ad. Even, it gives you the opportunity to choose attributes that engage your target audience.

Types Of YouTube Ads:

YouTube provides 6 different ways to advertise your business on thou based on your goal. Types of YouTube ads:

  • TrueView ads
  • Unskippable ads
  • Sponsored ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Display ads
  • Bumper ads

TrueView Ads:

It is the most common advertising format on YouTube, and these ads appear right bottom if you start playing videos. YouTube viewers watch these ads for 5 seconds, and you can skip the rest of the ad.

YouTube’s current update requires skippable trueview ads length between 12 seconds to 6 minutes, and the non-skippable ads should be 15 to 20 seconds in length.

UnSkippable Ads

It is a non-skippable YouTube ad, so you can’t be skipped anywhere, and you should watch these ads to gain access to your actual YouTube video. The maximum duration of these ads is 15 to 20 seconds.

Some people considered non-skippable YouTube ads irritating and annoying. At the same time, people are starting to use this format, and the amount of negative thoughts has reduced frequently.

Sponsored Ads

YouTube sponsored cards are an unnoticed form of advertising method. These videos appear within videos as small CTA popups. A small ‘i’ symbol appears in the upper right corner of a video, and the card expands if you click on it.

YouTube sponsored cards have the ability to show other YouTube videos and products via google shopping.

Overlay Ads

Are you looking for the strongest way to maximize your YouTube brand enhancement with short span? YouTube provides overlay ads and which gives you the access to display your ads on the lower half of the videos.

It is the compact advertisement type, so you can use visuals, texts, or both of them. Overlay ads consist of advertisements, promos, and simple branding efforts. This ad’s main goal is to invite viewers to click on your ads and visit people directly to your website.

Display Ads

YouTube display advertising is the process of advertising a product or service through visuals such as images, videos, and much more.

Display ads appear on the relevant user’s videos in the form of image, text, and banner types ads. These ads are displaying before or after a video on the right side or above the video suggestion list. In some cases, YouTube display ads appear immediately below the video.

Bumper Ads

It is similar to YouTube non skippable ads with few differences, they are

  • The bumper ad’s maximum duration is 6 seconds.
  • These ads appear right bottom where the main video displays.

Bumper ads are perfect if you’re trying to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and increase social presence. According to the research, 300 bumper ads gain a 90% best results in ad recall. Because these ads quickly capture the attention of YouTube audiences.

How To Advertise On YouTube?

Depending on your goals, YouTube advertising methods will differ. YouTube advertising will help you to build brand awareness, grow sales, increase brand presence and get people to your YouTube channel.

Here are some significant steps to run a successful ads on YouTube:

Step 1: Upload Your Video Ads On YouTube

Before you start making your YouTube ad campaign, you should upload your marketing video to your YouTube channel.

To upload videos on YouTube

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Click the camcorder icon at the top right corner.
  • Choose the upload video option.
  • Here you can select the video file you want to upload.
  • Complete the necessary information such as video title, small description, and tags.

Step 2: Make A New Campaign In Google Ads

If you’ve uploaded your video on YouTube, you can set up your ad campaign. Here are the steps to create your ad camping:

Go to your google ads account.

Log into your account and click the all campaigns option on the left hand side.

Click blue + icon.

Here, google provides five options to select your campaign type.

  • Search
  • Display
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Universal app

You can choose your campaign type based on your goals.

Step 3: Customize Your Campaign

To customize your YouTube ads campaign,

Choose a name for your internal purpose that clearly describes your campaign.

Set the average amount you’d like to spend each day.

Choose the standard or accelerated delivery method.

Find your start and end date.

Select where your ads to appear on YouTube, such as

  1. YouTube videos
  2. YouTube search results
  3. Video partners on the display network.

Choose your ad language type and the country you want your ad to appear.

Step 4: Find Your Target Audience

YouTube ads allow you to find your target audience via gender, age, location, parental status, and more.

Google ads provide endless options for you to find your perfect target audience. So you can easily reach your brand to them.

Step 5: Select Where Your Ad To Show On YouTube

On YouTube, you can choose a specific type of content and appear in your ads on it.

Use your target keywords – enter your target keywords in the google ads content box or use the keyword ideas tool to get relevant keywords.

Step 6: Make Your Marketing Video

YouTube provides two options to create your video ad

  • Use the search bar to find your video ad.
  • Click the link to upload your ads option.

Once your video appears on the screen, click the save and continue button.

Step 7: Find Your YouTube Ads Format

Based on your campaign, YouTube ads will give the options to choose your video format. For example, suppose you choose an in-stream ad format, your videos have a companion display banner.

Once you finish up all these processes, simply click the save and continue button and then click continue to campaign.

You’ve successfully set up your YouTube advertising campaign!

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