20 Best Coffee-Table Books: Perfect Holiday Gifts

Coffee-Table Books

It’s that time of year again. You want to buy a nice gift for your loved ones but don’t want to spend too much. So you go to Amazon and search for “coffee table books” and look at the prices. You may be tempted to buy a book or two but when you look at the cost, you think twice about it. Here is my list of the 5 most giftable coffee-table books on Amazon. #1 – The World Atlas of Coffee

1. The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing

This book, The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing , is a great read for anyone interested in learning more about the world of coffee. It’s packed with information about everything from the history of the coffee plant to the different taste profiles of beans from different countries

2. Taste of Ethiopia By Kenya Kora

I read this book when my sister and I lived in Nairobi. We used to travel a lot when my sister was working for an insurance company. We visited Ethiopia at least once a year for a month or two. This book is an easy read as it’s mainly about my experience from the point of view of a coffee-obsessed culture. Want to know everything about coffee? Here is your book.

3.  Coffee in Africa By Kilian Sambuoyanesi

It Provides a great amount of information about coffee plantations in Africa like Kenya, Ghana, and Tanzania. This is very detailed tracing of the coffee history from early times until today. You feel like you are helping support an art that is hidden in plain sight.

4. Achebe in Africa

 A Naturalist, a Philosopher, a Writer, a Human By Achille Titles describes the life and thinking of MuzOBese, one of the most important cultural anthropologists of our time. Read deeply to understand his political and social beliefs.

5. The Ethnic Restaurants of Rwanda By Ekua Makinde

 I read this book when my programs students would use it to study Rwanda populations from different ethnic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This allowed African restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, and diners to share their knowledge and showcase their culture on the map. Given all these gifts of coffee as a coffee lover, you may be looking for a set of stylish giftable coffee-table books below

 6. Coffee in Africa

From Kguvea to Uguisu By Kilian Sambuoyanesi, Provides a good amount of information on Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Exhaustive tracing of coffee’s history from early times to today.

7. The Coffee Book

Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop.There are so many great books out there, so it’s hard to pick a favourite but I would have to say that the Coffee Book: Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop by Mark Pendergrast is a great book for anyone who has an interest in coffee.It explains the different types of beans and where they come from. It’s a great reference that you can use when discussing the history of your favourite café.

8.  Agatha Raisin: American Gourmet by Suzan Clarke Waters

A famous British author, who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, has written a cute book about her childhood in New Jersey and cooking. Agatha Raisin is known for her buttery fresh parsley recipes that remind you how simple food can be. But for all her clever ways, she never set out to become a celebrity, she just loved the food and worked as a cook at a New Jersey elementary school. When this book was selected as the winner for the Washington Post Book Prize, it caused so much excitement for Julia Child fans all around the world

 9. Shakespeare in Love by Ian Rankin

This book came highly recommended by my English teacher in school and I remember devouring it as a grade school student. The concept of the book is great; the four playwrights all having a love for the the same subject while telling different Romeo and Juliet stories. James Wilde and John Fletcher are famous playwrights while Othello is best known for The Taming of the Shrew. Each plays act as an ardent lover for his or her love story. This book is a perfect French literature class love letter that may be too much for some but it can be used as a love poem for anyone in the market for a love story!

10. The Autobiography of Malcom X by Marcus Garvey

This biography about the famous Black American, Malcolm X, is excellent if you’re interested in understanding why people from different cultures have different views of him.

Also, check out sad romance books.

11. Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time

Pour Your Heart Into It is a book that teaches you how to make your company or your product or your service the best that it can be. It teaches you how to listen to your customers and to be honest with them and with yourself.

12. Good to Great by Peter Drucker

 Good to Great is a priceless book. It is about the simple and great things in life. This book is a great reference for those looking to improve every aspect of their life from their health to their relationships to their career.

13. Habits of Success by Stephen R. Covey

 Habitat for Success is a life coach that takes you on a 7-week journey to gain clarity and awareness on your habits. This epic book is full of hacks for all of us that can help us be happier, healthier, and enjoy more opportunities in our lives.

14. What I Talk About When I Talk About My Career by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is an American business, culture, and media entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. What I Talk About When I Talk About My Career is a book that is full of speaking tips and advice that you can give to give your parents, your children, your married partners, and even your in-laws to help them become successful in their careers.

15. Tipping the Scales by Reem Acra Tipping

 The Scales is a memoir that shares the stories of her different lives, where she lived through the changing times of being a young mother, a business consultant, a refugee, dating in her 20s, and a business owner. Reem Acra was raised in Lebanon, lived in Belize, attended Harvard Business School, and lived through many cultures in her travels. She tips the scales for her personal experiences to help us all reach our goals when it comes to life, relationships, and success. If I talk about my reads I love to read romance novels such as pirate romance novels.

16. Bold: A Modern Guide to Traditional Cooking with Extraordinary Flavors

Bold: A Modern Guide to Traditional Cooking with Extraordinary Flavors is the cookbook that has the most beautiful cover I have ever seen. I didn’t even know what it was about when I bought it, but it was on sale for $5 and it was the prettiest book I had ever seen, so I bought it.It is just a beautiful book. A coffee connoisseur’s masterpiece. In contrast to the low photos of coffee growing regions, I can see the coffee fields and the arches of bridges and hillsides while reading this book.

 17. Metamorphosis: The Art of Liminal Life is a beautiful memoir by poet David Factors

 It was one of the top 10 books on my Amazon list. I felt like I was reading a fairy tale from a French author. The small details in every chapter are just perfect for a curious artist like me.

18. Moonwalk: Unlock Your Inner Creative Spirit by Alex Sherman

It is a summary of his 30-year career as a professional dancer and musician. I can see how he got inspired by reading Hemingway in college and decided to use dance as a creative outlet instead of a job. This book is full of his life stories, lessons, and tricks. It was very different from his previous books, but the art of his writing makes it beautiful.

19. Election of Alexander Hamilton by Deborah Levy

This is one of my top choices and the reason why this book didn’t make it the first time around (I bought it a second time). It is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, America’s first Treasury Secretary as well as the founding father of the United States. This book is full of political insights about democracy, elections, and ideas. 

20. The Original Recipe

The Classic Handbooks of Restaurants and Their Concepts is another must-own book to know French culinary techniques. Learn the basics of preparing traditional and non-traditional dishes.

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