Cloud Computing; Revolutionizing tech industries even today

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Cloud seems to be a hot topic these days. Everybody is discussing it and for good reason. This is not the era where companies can neglect their data and get on with it. This is an era of ‘Big Data’ and companies cannot afford anything to lose it and need a storage space which would match it. Backup disaster recovery model is essential for businesses to save their data from Disasters.  

As a company, you can either invest in equipment, staff or storage space or you can simply store all your data to the cloud and be done with it.

Why you may ask?

Well, to put it subtly, to save cost of storage space and infrastructure. 

Furthermore, cloud storage solutions are more secure, cost less and require hiring IT experts for maintenance. It is also very easy to manage. That is why more and more companies are moving to the cloud rapidly. 

Choosing the ‘Right’ Vendor

After deciding to switch to the cloud, the first step is to decide a vendor. There are several cloud providers in the market but it’s important to choose what works best for your company. Lay down the fundamentals and requirements and take your time in addressing your needs and goals for a cloud solution. Do you need more storage space? Fast data access? Systems to use on the go? You need to decide what exactly do you want or you will end up paying a huge amount of money for services you don’t even need.

Keep Pricing and Budget in Mind

Budget can be a headache for a company and maintaining it to a certain amount is important. Luckily, many vendors (such as StoneFly) offer scalability which means you only pay for the resources you want to use or are using and have to option to purchase add-ons in future. 

Keep Track of your Data

If you are new to cloud computing, high sensitive data should be kept in a local data center initially before moving it to the cloud permanently. But it shouldn’t be kept there too long as it might be prone to threats and breaches. Once gaining trust on the vendor, move it completely to the cloud for complete security. 

Limit the access to sensitive data to employees who only really need it to reduce risk of human error. By implementing this system, you can make full use of the power of cloud computing while still protecting the core that drives your business.

Cloud Backups

After getting a cloud storage option, make sure you opt for a backup and recovery plan as well. In case of any cyber-threats or disaster, Azure cloud backup can help you easily retrieve your data and help you restore operations in a matter of minutes and ensure that your data is always protected and secure. Wherever It may be. Veeam backup for Azure is a viable option.


What seemed to be the future is easily available now. Cloud Computing is revolutionizing ways to data storage and is offering efficient storage and cost effective solutions to many companies worldwide. 

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