4 Stages of Clients Landscaping Companies Should Target to Have a Boom

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As a starter in the landscaping business, getting clients to generate revenues and expand is your target. Most landscaping companies in Downriver MI., limit themselves to just residential projects. This is fine. However, you can step out of your limits by understanding the 4 kinds of clients you should target to hit a boom. A small-scale residential lawn mowing business can become a large-scale commercial landscape with determination and focus. We will briefly highlight the set of clients that should be your target.

Types of Clients Landscaping Companies Should Target to Work With

If any landscaping business can get these 4 sets of clients to work with, it is a massive step towards a boom in business.

1. Multi-Dwelling Residential Communities

A multi-dwelling residential can range from a single building to a considerable-sized city block. In these types of apartments, the occupants are your potential clients. Property managers or owners of these properties need something special to differentiate each block from the other. This is, therefore, a beautiful landscape that needs regular upkeep and maintenance. Environments like this do not hire just any landscaping company to maintain their lawns. They look for reliable, accountable and consistent landscaping companies with high reputations. If your service is up to the task, you can submit your proposals to finish their work.

2. Resorts and Hotels

The hospitality industry cares a lot about details. A beautiful and healthy landscape can attract and turn first-time customers into returning ones. Resorts and hotels hire professional landscaping services to keep their environment spike and span. Here is another avenue for you to thrive. Get in touch with a professional proposal. Outline how you would care for the environment to make the place appealing to customers. Of course, you would get a suitable contract signed if your proposal is on point.

3. Restaurants, Malls and Strip Centres

If you would go to a restaurant, mall or strip centre, would you prefer to go to the one with an unmaintained lawn? No, you will never. Instead, you go to the one with a well-maintained landscape. Imagine what a restaurant with a poor exterior would look like inside. In any of these spots, there are many eyes on the landscape. These spots are also a target for you. Reach out and let them know how you would best maintain their environment to keep it glittering as ever.

4. Commercial Offices

No customer would go into a business centre with a poorly maintained landscape. Apart from lawn mowing, requirements like bed maintenance, mulching, tree care, etc., are needed in this area. If you have a proven track of successful landscaping services, forward your proposals to these commercial offices. They want to keep their environment neat and appealing to clients and visitors. This is what your landscaping business offers. Therefore, make moves to get hired by them. 


We know handling all these projects is not as easy as said. You must prepare for expansion by building a reliable and dedicated team of professional landscapers. You can stand out from other landscaping companies in your locality. Make your plans on how to these clients. Show them your proofs, and you will be at the top of your game before you realize it.