Cherry Hill’s iPad Wizards: Quick & Reliable Repairs

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For both work and play, iPads have become essential devices for many Cherry Hill residents. When your iPad stops functioning properly due to cracked screens, battery failure, water damage or other issues, having it repaired by professionals is the best solution for fast and hassle-free service. iPad repair in Cherry Hill’s NJ Wizards, our technicians have the experience to quickly and reliably fix any iPad model.

Common iPad Issues

Some of the most common problems we repair include:

Cracked Screen

Even minor screen cracks can grow over time. Our expert screen replacement restores full function.

Battery Problems

Aging batteries lead to shorter run times and unexpected shutdowns. We replace worn batteries to restore power.

Water Damage

Water exposure can cause immediate electrical failure or gradual corrosion. We fix water damage properly to save devices.

Software Crashes/Glitches

Apps freezing, unexpected reboots and other software issues are frustrating. Our software restores and updates to optimize performance.

Advantages of Professional Repair

While DIY repair may seem convenient, our professional iPad repairs provide:

Skilled Technicians

Our Apple certified techs are thoroughly trained to properly complete all iPad repairs.

High Quality Parts

We use only genuine Apple parts for reliable, long-lasting repairs you can trust.

Correct Tools to Avoid Damage

We use exact tools for each repair to avoid any collateral damage to devices.

Warranty on Work

You get peace of mind with our 180-day warranty on all iPad repairs.

Cherry Hill’s iPad Wizards Overview

With over 10 years of iPad repair experience, you can trust Cherry Hill’s iPad Wizards for exceptional service.

Apple Certified Technicians

Our technicians complete Apple training and certification for iPhone, iPad and Mac repair.

OEM Parts Used

We only use genuine Apple parts directly from the manufacturer.

Fast Turnaround Time

Most repairs are completed in under 2 hours to minimize downtime without your iPad.

Repair Services Offered

Cherry Hill’s iPad Wizards provides expert repair on all iPad models, including:

Screen Replacement

We replace cracked or damaged iPad screens and digitizers.

Battery Replacement

We install brand new OEM batteries to restore charge capacity and runtime.

Water Damage Repair

We thoroughly dry devices, replace corroded parts, and fix electronics.

Software Restore & Update

We troubleshoot issues, install the latest OS, and perform factory resets as needed.

Why Choose iPad Wizards?

In Cherry Hill, iPad Wizards is the superior choice for repairs because:

Trusted Local Reputation

We have been the go-to iPad repair specialists in Cherry Hill for over 10 years.

Rave Customer Reviews

Our expertise and customer service are reflected in our 5-star local reviews.

Friendly and Honest Service

Our helpful team guides you through the repair process and answers all questions.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

With extended hours and weekend availability, we accommodate any schedule.


For fast, affordable iPad repairs from the trusted experts in Cherry Hill, contact Cherry Hill’s iPad Wizards today. Our Apple certified technicians can efficiently fix any issue on any iPad model. We offer competitive pricing and stand behind our workmanship. Contact us online or by phone to schedule your repair.


What models do you repair?
 We repair all generations of iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini.

How long do repairs take?
Most take 1-2 hours. More complex issues may take longer.

Do you repair other devices?
Yes, we also repair iPhones and perform limited Macbook repairs.

What are your rates?
Our base rate is $99, but exact pricing depends on the repair type needed.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we provide a 180-day warranty on all parts used and work performed.